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Studio Element, St. Louis MO


It’s really cool to be at the leading edge of what is new in our industry.

Jay Siefert Owner Studio Element

About Studio Element

Studio Element is a personal training studio based in St. Louis, Missouri. Studio Element is designed to be a premier provider of quality personal training.

Their goal is to facilitate perpetual happiness through a legendary experience. They believe each individual is capable of achieving extraordinary things and they help their clients execute their vision.

The Facility

Studio Element will give you the tools and the workouts needed to transform your life. One of their instrumental pieces is the TRUE Full Body Press.

This piece adds a dimension to the studio. The Full Body Press brings versatility to the training programs.

TRUE Full Body Press

By engaging a wide variety of muscle groups with one motion, the Full Body Press gives Studio Element a unique strength exercise in a single workout session.

With this piece, they are able to incorporate a full body workout into interval and circuit training.

I really see the TRUE Full Body Press becoming an important part of our line of equipment here.

Jay Siefert Owner Studio Element