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Keep Guests Happy with Fitness Equipment They Know How to Use

June 8, 2016

Guests who stay at your hotel will use your fitness center with the expectation that they will be using commercial fitness equipment they know how to use. By giving guests equipment they know how to use, they will be happier and more satisfied with their stay.

Guests Are Safer While Working Out

If guests don’t know how to use a piece of commercial fitness equipment in your hotel gym, it can increase their chance of getting injured if they try to use it without guidance. By providing your guests with commercial fitness equipment they know how to use guests will feel safer and more confident when working out. Include easy-to-read instructions on all pieces of gym equipment so guests can easily read how to use each piece correctly and safely.

Make Your Guests Comfortable

When guests know how to use your commercial fitness equipment, they won’t feel intimidated by your hotel gym’s commercial fitness equipment and will be more likely to use it. Make sure that your hotel employees are well-versed in how each piece of equipment works so they can show guests how to use it safely. Guests will appreciate the extra help should they have questions or concerns.

Guests Will Use Your Gym More

Since unfamiliar commercial fitness equipment can be intimidating to the casual user, they will be less likely to use your hotel gym if you provide unknown equipment. If a guest wishes to use your gym but cannot, then they will spread the word of their experience, possibly affecting your hotel’s reputation.

Match Your Equipment to Your Clientele

The type of equipment your hotel gym offers should match your clientele. Ask yourself what types of guests you are trying to attract. For example, if your guests are mostly higher income, they will look for a hotel gym that has high-quality equipment. For more casual guests looking for a casual workout, simpler equipment like treadmills may meet their needs. To get an idea of what your guests look for in a hotel gym, send out a survey for them to complete.

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