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Commercial ellipticals are bing used with other equipment.

Commercial Elliptical Machines

At TRUE Fitness, commercial fitness equipment is one of our strengths, and we have some of the best commercial elliptical machines to prove it. Ellipticals are a low-impact workout option, making them popular gym equipment for those with different fitness levels. Our elliptical exercising machines offer smooth, natural motions that generate effective and comfortable cardio workouts. Each of our elliptical designs features ergonomic engineering, user-friendly interfaces, and modern safety mechanisms.

Whether your clients want to take a leisurely walk or a high-resistance hike, TRUE elliptical gym equipment can meet an array of different workout desires. Our machines come in many design variations, giving you plenty of workout experiences to explore and to share with your clients. Watch your members stride with confidence on our highly tested, ergonomic commercial elliptical machines.