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TRUE Cares supports one of the most important principles that we stand for: building and maintaining relationships. Through the TRUE Cares program, TRUE corporate and employees support and give back to their communities through several non-profit organizations. TRUE employees strive to make an impact on a variety of charities through volunteering, team charity events, and charitable donations, including TRUE fitness equipment. TRUE particularly focuses on those that encourage wellness of both the body and mind. Two especially important non-profits to Frank Trulaske, President and founder of TRUE, is Selah Freedom and The Little Bit Foundation. We invite you to learn more about them and the impact they make on the wellness of young women and men. Another of our important focuses for giving back to the community is our TRUE Shoes Initiative, which allows us to help provide St. Louis children in need with quality footwear free of cost.

1 / The TRUE Shoes Initiative

The TRUE Shoes Initiative is a yearly campaign run for the purpose of benefiting children in need in our home city of St. Louis and other cities across the country. During the campaign, we gather funds for the purpose of donating to organizations that provide footwear for local children in need. We see the need for proper shoes as a critical step in living a healthy and active lifestyle.

People with Running Shoes in the Middle True Cares True Shoes

Our Mission

TRUE Shoes’ mission is to ensure no child is held back from pursuing a fit and healthy life by not having proper footwear.

True Shoes Donations to Children Exercising

How It Works

During our campaign, TRUE Fitness will raise funds for the purpose of donating to local charities that purchase and supply children with ideal footwear for their size and lifestyle. We offer a limited-edition campaign t-shirt for supporters to purchase and contribute to the fund. All of the money received is disbursed to the chosen charity at the conclusion of the campaign.

2 / Selah Freedom

Selah Freedom is a nonprofit anti-human trafficking organization. Their focus rests on supplying individuals, communities, and survivors with the best educational and supportive resources possible. By supporting a community that is vigilant and informed about human trafficking, they hope to bring about significant change.

Learn more About Selah Freedom

3 / The Little Bit Foundation

The Little Bit Foundation is an organization dedicated to removing barriers to learning for children. They believe in educational equity, that supporting and building up students with poor access to resources can help lead to transformational change and break the cycle of poverty.

Learn More about The Little Bit Foundation