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Should You Allow Employees to Use Your Hotel Gym?

May 11, 2016

Is your hotel gym for guests only? You may want to rethink that rule. Allowing employees to use your hotel gym will improve customer satisfaction and employee work performance.

Day-to-Day Gym Conditions Will Improve

Guests won’t always let management know that there’s a problem because they only use the gym for a short amount of time. If employees use the gym on a regular basis, they are more likely to recognize and fix the problem. In addition, employees that are personally invested in the gym will make sure it is in good shape and will be more inclined to clean and maintain the equipment. Lastly, if the gym needs to be cleaned or stocked up on supplies, employees can take the initiative to clean and resupply the gym for a better guest experience.

Employees Can More Easily Assist Guests

If employees are allowed to use the hotel gym, they will have firsthand experience of how the equipment works. Then, if a guest needs help with a piece of equipment, employees will be knowledgeable enough to assist.

You Are Encouraging Employee Health & Wellness

Corporate wellness is not just a bandwagon for your hotel to jump onto. One benefit of allowing employees to use your hotel gym is that you are encouraging your employees’ fitness and taking an interest in their health and well-being. It will get those employees who work at the front desk active and help reduce stress by giving them an outlet.

Suggested Rules for Employees

By allowing your employees to use the hotel gym, there must be rules that have to be followed:

  • To avoid temptation to use the hotel gym to pass the time, employees cannot use the gym while working.
  • Employees must follow the same gym rules as guests so the gym remains clean and in good repair.
  • If employees see maintenance that must be done, report it so guests aren’t put off by uncleanliness or broken machines.
  • Guests get priority if there are no machines available since they are paying to use the facilities.
  • For safety reasons, employees cannot bring unregistered guests (e.g. their friends and family) into the hotel gym.

By following these rules, your hotel employees can use the gym while keeping it safe and clean for guests to use.