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Commercial group training on treadmills.

Commercial Group Fitness Training Equipment

Group training gives your clients an effective, motivational, and community-driven way to achieve their fitness goals. After all, working out with a buddy or two ensures you remain accounted for and makes the workout grind a lot more enjoyable. Providing your clients with a space for group workouts is a must for fitness centers, regardless of whether your business caters to students or professional athletes.

TRUE has the products and resources to enhance your facility’s existing commercial group training program or help you launch a new program customized to your space and needs. Our commercial group fitness training equipment provides a diverse selection covering multiple workouts, from cardio to strength training. We also have machines and equipment for multiple group dynamics. Whether you want to offer large community classes or private, intimate group training sessions, we have the group training equipment for you. Our small group training equipment saves and maximizes space while expanding your clients’ opportunities. Our training systems and functional trainer provide groups with multifunctional workouts. Connect with a TRUE Fitness representative to enhance your clients’ fitness experience with group training systems.

Atlas Group Training Systems

The Atlas and Atlas HD are modern and fully customizable group training systems designed to accommodate today’s group training needs. Motivate and inspire members of all fitness levels with high-energy and team-centric training sessions.

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Alpine Runner good for commercial group training.

Alpine Runner Incline Trainer

The Alpine Runner is a great small group training tool when space is limited for HIIT-type run activities. With its 30% elevation, it can challenge even the advanced exerciser.

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Stryker Slat Treadmill

Stryker Slat Treadmill

The Stryker Slat Treadmill provides a running surface that has realistic feel to road running while still providing cushioning to joints. With quick and easy access buttons for speed and incline, the Stryker will make it easy to incorporate HIIT into any group training classes.

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XFT-900 Functional Trainer

The XFT-900 offers a suspension training bracket and unique rotating columns that swivel 360 degrees for both traditional and functional exercises in your small group training area.

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XFW-8300 Dual Sided Half Rack

In addition to standard barbell exercises, the dual-sided rack offers options such as a chin-up bar, dip station attachment, core trainer, and multiple attachment points for training accessories.

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Our largest Group Training System, the Atlas HD, allows you to customize your space and bring the benefits of group training to your gym. The Atlas HD comes standard with an Accessory Rack with Hangers, 5 Flat Trays, 5 Med Ball Rings, Monkey Bars, a Step Platform, a Dip Station, a dry-erase board, a Rope Rack, and a Core Trainer and provides a variety of custom options to work best for your group training classes.