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1 / TRUE Support:

Our team is trained to help you plan for your goals and get maximum results throughout the life of your equipment. Here are just some of the ways a TRUE partnership will benefit your institution.

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Complete, Preventative, Maintenance

Based on decades of experience, our service team offers a variety of techniques to help you prolong the life of your equipment. That means fewer service calls and less downtime.

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Training and Education

Our mission is to provide facilities and users scientifically-proven information on the development and quality of our products, the innovative features and benefits they provide, and education on how the products can be best utilized to meet fitness goals.

Marketing Support

We’re happy to help you spread the word about your TRUE equipment, whether we’re training the trainers, demonstrating workouts or providing social media content for your own channels.

2 / TRUE Technology Solutions

Today’s students expect their experience to fit seamlessly into their tech-driven lives, and you should expect the same. We offer engaging, data-driven hardware and software solutions that elevate operator and user experiences.

Console Flexibility

Add the console that adds the most value to your rec center. A variety of sizes and features are available to provide the best experience for your diverse student population.

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3 / TRUE Equipment Solutions

Give your students a smooth, quiet and easy to use experience every time with TRUE. And because each piece is backed by the full support of our team, you can always count on TRUE to keep your equipment in peak condition. Discover some of our most popular collections for student rec centers.

650 Treadmill
FUSE-1100 Lat Pulldown