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TRUE Fitness commercial flexibility equipment.


Flexibility Equipment

Stretching is an important pre- and post-workout step. It prepares your body for exercise, loosening muscles and stimulating blood flow. Stretching also cools you down after you work out, reducing muscle tightness and next-day aches.

Give your users a dedicated place to stretch with TRUE’s commercial flexibility equipment. Our stretch cages promote proper warm-ups and cool-downs, keeping your clients healthy and in top shape. TRUE’s flexibility equipment comes with easy-to-read placards that teach users how to properly stretch different muscle groups, improve flexibility, and lessen the risk of injury during their workouts. At TRUE, our workout equipment provides more than just exercise machines, they also enhance experiences, expand workout opportunities, and support different needs. Our stretch cages are compatible with lots of different beneficial stretches and feature quality design structures that’ll last years and fully support your clients. Shop flexibility equipment with TRUE Fitness and enhance your facilities with a pre- and post-workout option.