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Commercial Selectorized Strength Equipment



A vision into the future, premium craftsmanship meets advanced biomechanics in TRUE’s Palladium Series. Advanced functionality, comfortable touchpoints, and precise ergonomics are all packaged in a modern design. Set your facility apart and provide users with an intuitive strength-training experience with the Palladium Series.


The Force line delivers an all-inclusive solution to meet the space and budget requirements for a variety of facilities, from community centers to multi-family living to hotels or resorts.


Modern style meets space efficient design for a strong value in the strength category. Fitness Line is ideal for hotels, resorts, apartment complexes or any facilities where space and budget are limited.

Selectorized strength equipment enhances strength training in many ways, providing muscle isolations, consistent and constant resistance, and easy weight changes. TRUE commercial selectorized weight machines offer all that and more.

The ergonomic designs of our selectorized strength equipment maximize comfort, reducing safety risks and providing a more enjoyable training session. Our machines come with user-friendly features, allowing your clients to confidently jump straight into their workouts without spending tons of time trying to decipher components. One of the most notable qualities of any TRUE fitness equipment is its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Our commercial selectorized gym equipment will last for years and through multiple uses. Explore our collection of commercial selectorized strength equipment and redefine strength training for your clients.