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Parks & Recreation

1 / TRUE Support:

Our team is trained to help you plan for your goals and get maximum results throughout the life of your equipment. Here are just some of the ways a TRUE partnership will benefit your program.

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Facility Planning

No matter the size or capacity of your space, our experts will work with you to create the optimal layout with the right combination of machines.

Preventative Maintenance Icon

Complete, Preventative Maintenance

Based on decades of experience, our service team offers a variety of techniques to help you prolong the life of your equipment. That means fewer service calls and less downtime.

Flexible Support Icon

Flexible Support

Every facility is different, and our experience with fitness centers both big and small gives us insights to help you fulfill the needs of your community.

2 / TRUE Technology Solutions:

Today, people expect their experience to fit seamlessly into their tech-driven lives, and as the head of your facility, you should expect the same. We offer engaging, data-driven hardware and software solutions that elevate operator and user experiences.

Console Flexibility

Add the console that adds the most value to your facility. A variety of sizes and features are available to provide the best experience for your athletes.

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3 / Heavy Duty Equipment:

TRUE machines are put through rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand intense and sustained use.

4 / TRUE Equipment Solutions:

Give your community a smooth, quiet and easy-to-use experience every time with TRUE. And because each piece is backed by the full support of our team, you can always count on TRUE to keep your equipment in peak condition. Discover some of our most popular collections for facilities such as yours.

650 Treadmill
FUSE-0600 Biceps Curl