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Get the most out of your TRUE cardio equipment with consoles and technology tailored to your members’ wants and needs.

With COMPASS®, TRUE’s most premium tech offering, you’ll elevate your facility, member and trainer experiences. Available on TRUE’s premium Envision 16″ Touchscreen console.


TRUE’s suite of cardio consoles lets you customize your equipment to both your facility and your users. Explore our offerings and features to find what fits your needs the best.

Envision Console

Give your TRUE machine the total experience with a 16-inch touchscreen ENVISION console. Track your workouts, discover new ones and take advantage of a full suite of entertainment options with easy-to-navigate menus. ENVISION can also be further enhanced with TRUE’s revolutionary fitness software, COMPASS®.

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Envision 9 Touchscreen Console

TRUE’s ENVISION 9 TOUCHSCREEN Console provides a vivid 9" touchscreen and intuitive design that allows users to enhance their workout with more programs.

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Emerge Console

Simple, functional and inviting design makes the EMERGE console easy to use and quick to start. Meet the needs of every user with EMERGE.

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Ignite HIIT Console

Specifically designed for treadmill interval training, the IGNITE console is easily incorporated into any small-group class or facility environment.

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We partner with the finest fitness technology experts to provide added convenience and value to our machines. Learn more about our partners and how they can take your TRUE equipment even further.

Polar® Connectivity

TRUE has a long-standing partnership with Polar®, a leader in heart rate technology and innovation for over 40 years.

This technology enables users to take their training to the next level. By effortless recording their heart rate, they can keep track of every minute they spend exercising and virtually see how it makes a difference.

With Polar, users are better able to understand how their heart works while exercising. This allows for a healthier lifestyle all around.

Start using Polar connectivity today with any of TRUE’s cardio products.

GymTrakr App

The GymTrakr App allows users to connect TRUE’s Bluetooth compatible fitness equipment.

On GymTrakr, users can view live workout statistics that are tailored to the equipment category they are using. There are a variety of exercises for your entire body.

GymTrakr has the capability to keep track of your workout so you don’t have to. The app will store data your workouts that can later be exported to other 3rd party apps. Find GymTrakr in your Apple App Store today.


TRUE is collaborating with Zwift to make your workout experience better than you ever thought was possible.

Zwift enables exercisers to take a virtual run around the world in the comfort of their own home, turning serious training into a fun experience. From cities to mountains to jungles, Zwift has a variety of sceneries for your workout that you’re sure to enjoy.

You can take advantage of this opportunity through TRUE’s latest technology. TRUE commercial cardio products with Envision or Envision + Compass consoles have the ability to connect to Zwift through Bluetooth, allowing you to start your virtual workouts today.

Apple Watch

Coming Fall 2019, TRUE’s cardio equipment will pair seamlessly with Apple Watch via Apple GymKit technology.

Exercisers will soon be able to accurately and efficiently track their cardio workouts by pairing their Apple Watch with any Apple GymKit-compatible TRUE Fitness machine. A workout will begin by tapping the Apple Watch to the base of the console to establish the connection. Once connected, Apple Watch and the machine exchange data like heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed and incline in real time, so the data on the console matches what’s on Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch connection will be available on all TRUE commercial cardio products with an Envision or Envision with COMPASS® console, including the 400 and 900 series treadmills, bikes and ellipticals, Alpine Runner, Spectrum, Traverse, and Palisade Climber.