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Getting Ready for the Apartment Hunting Busy Season

March 31, 2017

Every industry has a busy season. The apartment hunt peaks from May to September each year, usually because students are trying to find a new place and the weather makes it an ideal time for moving. So get on top of things and make your apartment community ready for the busy season and attractive to potential renters by making these updates:

Spruce Up Living Areas

Be sure to update each living area after one tenant moves out and before the other moves in. Replace carpets if necessary (especially if the previous tenant had pets) and a new coat of fresh paint may be needed. Many potential renters respond well to updated units with newer countertops, showers, and appliances. An area that often gets overlooked, but should be updated are the laundry facilities—tenants should be able to properly wash and dry their laundry efficiently. Consider giving these areas a deep-cleaning

Make Outdoor Areas Appealing & Safe

Often, potential tenants look for green areas, friendly-looking buildings and proper safety measures like security cameras when hunting for an apartment. Maintained outdoor areas will help your complex attract tenants by providing them with a space that not only looks good, but is safe and functional. A few things to update before the rush starts includes:

  • Giving the pool and hot tub a good cleaning before filling with water for the summer
  • Fixing any fences or outdoor flooring on tennis courts and basketball courts.
  • Mowing the lawn regularly
  • Maintaining gardens
  • Fixing security lamps

Update Common Areas

Make common areas enticing for already-leasing and new tenants alike by updating them. Updating small items like coffee machines or televisions can make an old space look new again. Larger renovations like new furniture, carpeting, and lighting can solve this problem as well. Making common areas look as warm and inviting as possible will draw in all tenants and create the type of community apartment properties strive for.

Another important common area to maintain is the fitness area. Over the next two months, staff should focus on checking and fixing broken equipment or investing in new equipment to suit the needs of tenants. Giving this area a new look will look sharp with potential tenants, but your current residents will thank you, as well.

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