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The Most Space-Efficient Strength Equipment for Apartment Gyms

April 26, 2016

Space in an apartment gym is precious, so you want to make sure that the strength equipment you supply will not only save space, but allow your tenants to get a good workout. Here are three space-efficient pieces of strength equipment to put into your apartment gym that will accommodate all users:

Paramount Flat/Incline/Decline Bench

Having an apartment gym with dumbbells isn’t complete without a bench for tenants to get the best dumbbell workout they can. Paramount’s flat/incline/decline bench is an easy way to save space at only 31” x 52” x 19” and allows users to set the desired angle of the bench. With a clearly marked adjustment disk, users will easily and accurately adjust the bench to the angle of their choice. In addition, it has a lifting handle and wheels so it can be easily moved. You can also pick the color of your choice so the bench better matches the aesthetics of your apartment’s gym.

FORCE Dumbbell Rack

Need a safe space to store your apartment gym’s dumbbells? The dumbbell rack by FORCE is designed to hold dumbbells of all sizes. Measuring at 32” x 48” x 36.5”, it is also designed to store kettlebells on the top tray. Each tray is three sides to help make sure that dumbbells do not accidentally fall off, which increases safety for tenants.

Paramount Leg Extension/Leg Curl

It’s important that tenants be able to get in some strength exercises for their legs. Another Paramount piece, the leg extension/leg curl is a dual station that is easy to use with large instruction labels and a QR code that tenants can scan for more information. This piece of strength equipment can save you space at only 43” x 63” x 57”. The leg extension/leg curl has 5 starting positions that let users choose the range of motion that is best for them. With self-adjusting ankle pads, users don’t have to adjust them themselves and get the support they need for the exercise.

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