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Mardyke Arena – University College Cork, Cork Ireland

To begin with, we needed a brand that had a reputation but also had a track record to sustain a [very] heavy demand.

Patsy Ryan General Manager Mardyke Arena/UCC
Success story for University College Cork

About Mardyke Arena at University College Cork

The Mardyke Arena provides University College Cork and the general public of Cork with a world-class sports facility. This facility is fully committed to the promotion and facilitation of the healthy lifestyle amongst the UCC student body as well as Cork residents. They chose TRUE Fitness to be the exclusive equipment provider of their three gyms. The Mardyke Arena was seeking a manufacturer to help support their needs, which extends beyond the sale of fitness equipment. In a partnership between The Mardyke Arena and TRUE, members are provided the best fitness solution through planning and installation, warranty and service support, marketing, and training.

The Mardyke Arena outfitted with TRUE Fitness equipment.

The Facility

With over 650,000+ visits annually and 2,000 - 3,000 users per day, The Mardyke Arena is home to many of Cork's elite sportspeople and appeals to the widest cross-section of Cork's population. The Mardyke facility as a whole features indoor and outdoor amenities such as 2 grass pitches, an outdoor standard track, aerobics studios, an indoor track, and a climbing wall as well as the arena itself.

The Mardyke Arena Experience

The Experience

Installing new TRUE equipment has greatly benefited the Mardyke Arena. This year, Mardyke Arena UCC was awarded Best Gym in Munster & Overall in Ireland. The award is based on “energy, passion, and commitment to creating a business which is proving to be an essential part of the community served.”

[Our] unique challenge was to create more space in a very busy facility. The solutions provided were to change the product mix and to create a functional training area…also to provide concept designs and additional solutions.

Andy Dick TRUE Sales


The cardio area in the Mardyke Arena upgraded their old equipment to TRUE Alpine Runners, treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and the new Palisade Climber in multiple sections within the gyms. These sections, denoted as TRUE Cardio, TRUE Run, TRUE Train, and TRUE HIIT were created with the help of our expert facility planning services to maximize space and give the Mardyke Arena a refreshed look.

The unique design [of the ellipticals] where you get on the machine from behind it has allowed us to increase the footprint. That excites us!

Michael Kearney Fitness Manager Mardyke Arena


The strength zones offer a full lineup of TRUE strength equipment, both in TRUE Strength and the TRUE Lift sections at the Mardyke Arena. Members have the option to customize their workout with plate-loaded racks, benches, the unique Composite Strength series or the custom-painted selectorized strength machines from the FUSE line.

“The install has generated a buzz around the facility with members talking about the equipment. The design of TRUE’s equipment allowed us to make some alterations to the layout of the gyms which has increased its functionality and allowed us to deliver a better user experience”

Wayne Falvey Mardyke Arena at UCC