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Top Products For Your YMCA

April 12, 2023

We’re known for our great brands, TRUE & Octane, and for doing business with integrity. That means when partnering with TRUE Fitness, you become part of the family. Our philosophy has remained the same since our beginnings, build the highest quality product and support them with superior service. Our equipment continues to be a sought-after addition to YMCAs across the county, and with our wide variety, your YMCA can fit your member’s specific needs. Let’s jump into some of the top pieces that have become favorites in YMCAs: 

1) The 900 Series Treadmill – our bread and butter treadmill. The 900 Treadmill is a high-quality, commercial-grade treadmill. It is built with a durable, heavy-duty steel frame that can support users up to 350 pounds, making it ideal for many individuals. It also boasts a spacious 22″ x 60″ running surface, which provides ample room for users of all sizes to run, walk, or jog comfortably. 

The running deck is cushioned with TRUE’s Soft System, which helps to reduce the impact on joints and provide a more comfortable workout experience. In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, the 900 Treadmill also features a variety of advanced workout programs and connectivity options. Users can choose from various preset workouts, including interval training, heart rate control, and custom workouts. The treadmill also features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream music or connect to fitness apps for even more workout options.

2) TRUE Palladium SelectorizedOur top-of-the-line selectorized strength machines. Since bringing the Palladium Selectorized to market, YMCAs have gravitated to adding them to their facility for their durability, functionality, and aesthetic. Palladium was designed from the ground up with the highest quality materials and built and designed to provide the user with a biomechanic and ergonomically correct workout. A fan favorite of many YMCAs is the universal seat setting adjustment. Simply match your height to the proper seat adjustment on one machine and use that same adjustment on every device, giving members ease.

3) The TRUE Stretch Cage – a must-have for any YMCA – offers a convenient and effective solution for members of all ages who recognize the importance of stretching. Adding the TRUE Stretch to your facility, members can perform all their body stretches on a single machine, a groundbreaking concept promoting natural flexibility training. The TRUE Stretch Cage provides a dedicated and self-contained stretching area that enables users to increase their flexibility safely and reduce the risk of injury while enhancing their overall appeal rance and well-being. With the TRUE Stretch, there’s no need to engage in floor-based stretching or awkwardly lean over other equipment, as it offers a comfortable and secure platform for a comprehensive extension.


“For us, a huge benefit was the wide variety of products that TRUE Fitness offers.” 

– Brandon Bell, CEO & President of Edwardsville, IL YMCA. 

Discover our partnership with the YMCA of Edwardsville, IL. 

Ultimately, our equipment’s success is your success, and we strive to exceed your expectations. Learn more about our fitness focuses on meeting the needs of your YMCA. 

TRUE Fitness and YMCAs nationwide have partnered to bring accessible, high-quality fitness equipment to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. As a team, we are dedicated to providing equipment that meets users’ needs and can withstand heavy use over time. Our shared commitment to fostering healthy lifestyles and building communities is why YMCAs trust TRUE & Octane Fitness as their fitness equipment provider. 

Let’s strengthen your community together.