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Edwardsville YMCA, Edwardsville IL

When we visited TRUE, our key goal was to develop a partnership, and for us, we really believe TRUE understood what we were doing as an organization and where we were coming from.

Brandon Bell CEO Edwardsville YMCA

About the YMCA

The Y is a nonprofit committed to strengthening its community by empowering young people, improving the health and well-being of all ages, and inspiring action in and across communities.

The Facilities

Edwardsville YMCA has two facilities and was looking to find equipment that was durable for the volume of members and easy to use. Dealing with two different facilities can be complex for the buyer, but partnering with TRUE gave them the opportunity to work with just one company and limit the complexity. This was the first refresh of their equipment in 17 years. We provided a package of premium cardio, strength, flexibility, and group training pieces to their Y to fit the facility's needs.

TRUE Cardio

To give members a wide variety of workouts, Edwardsville YMCA has installed pieces of TRUE Cardio Equipment. The facility contains our XC900 Ellipticals, Spectrum Adjustable Stride Ellipticals, TC900 Treadmills, 900 Recumbent Bikes, and Alpine Runners. Our premium cardio equipment was a welcomed refresh and gave them the quality of a machine that needs little to no maintenance and aesthetically fits their facility. Pictures - provided by Edwardsville YMCA

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TRUE Strength

Edwardsville YMCA is equipped with TRUE Strength Equipment such as our XFW racks, Palladium modular training systems, Atlas HD group training system, and our premium strength selectorized Palladium line. Our clearly marked, easy-to-use equipment was an exciting factor when they chose to partner with TRUE. Pictures - provided by Edwardsville YMCA

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A huge benefit was the wide variety of products TRUE offers… I encourage all YMCAs to reach out to TRUE; we are very pleased with the TRUE brand.

Brandon Bell CEO Edwardsville YMCA