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Tips for Trainers: How to Get Started on YouTube

February 17, 2016

More and more personal trainers are discovering the benefits of posting fitness videos to YouTube. If you’re a fitness trainer just starting out on YouTube, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure a dedicated following. It can be a long and difficult process to get your channel going and collect subscribers, but once you’ve created a high quality channel and videos, you’ll see the results you want.

Create a YouTube Channel

Before you get started, you will need to create a channel, as you cannot upload videos on YouTube without one. On your YouTube channel, you can house all of your posted videos in one convenient spot online and create playlists that further categorize each of your posted videos

Make an Intro Video & Feature It on Your Channel Home Page

Intro videos let viewers quickly understand what your channel is about and who you are. An intro video should be no longer than a minute and be used to introduce yourself and quickly explain what your channel is about and what viewers can expect. If it’s too long, you risk viewers becoming bored and not watching it. A good intro video example is Dan Brown, who discusses world events with his audience. He quickly reviews what his channel is about, his upload schedule, and how viewers can participate in his discussions.

Share Your Channel & Video Links with Your Followers

Once you create your channel, you don’t leave it and hope that someone stumbles across it. Share your channel and video links on your social media sites to spread awareness. When you upload a new video, make sure to announce a new video has been posted and share the link on your social media as well. If you don’t share with your followers, then they won’t see your new content.

Team Up with Sponsors

Getting sponsored is an opportunity to expand your reach to a larger number of viewers and use high quality equipment in your videos. You’ll have the necessary equipment for legitimate exercise videos, and the sponsor gets recognition and publicity from providing the products. Reach out to sponsors in your area that could possibly supply your videos with any equipment needed to create a variety of exercise videos. Remember to give shout outs to your sponsor at the end of every video.

Post High Quality, Professional Grade Videos

Videos that are high quality get more views on YouTube than lower quality videos. Viewers don’t want to watch a poorly filmed video with poor sound. Invest in the appropriate filming and editing equipment to get:

  • Good lighting: Even if you don’t have the best camera, good lighting will make up for it.
  • Reduced noise: Get a noise-cancelling microphone and a quality editing program that willlet you filter out background noise for clearer sound.
  • The right camera: It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the right camera will let you film in HD and in-turn provide a higher quality video

Don’t Use Copyrighted Music

Before adding music to your videos, purchase the rights to use that particular music, or make sure the music is not copyrighted. Violating copyright regulations could result in a disabled video, a banned channel, or perhaps even legal action from the copyright holder. If you want music in your videos, YouTube has a catalog of music that you can freely use. They’re all pre-approved, so you don’t have to worry about copyright claims.

Film Horizontally for More Coverage

Filming horizontally will allow your video to be more compatible with YouTube when you go to upload. Plus, these shots tend to give you a better use of space and coverage by allowing more room on the sides and less shots of the wasted space above your head.

Be Energetic

Once a viewer starts watching your video, you want to keep their attention. Nothing kills a video faster than a dull fitness trainer. Be energetic and entertaining while demonstrating and explaining your exercises.

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