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Why You Should Invest in Low-Maintenance Gym Equipment

July 15, 2015

Out-of-order machines are an inconvenience for you and your members, so investing in superior, low-maintenance commercial fitness equipment is not only wise, but necessary. Here are a few benefits as to why investing in gym equipment with minimal upkeep is the way to go.


Low-maintenance commercial fitness equipment will not only be less time-consuming, but it will also prove to be more cost-effective as well. You will no longer be spending time and money repairing and replacing fitness machines, and instead can be earning more profit from members signing up to use your gym.

Longer Equipment Life

When operating large health clubs, the amount of machines you’re expected to maintain can feel overwhelming. Maintenance is unfortunately going to get overlooked from time to time, especially if you have a large selection of cardio fitness equipment. If you don’t maintain a machine, it can shorten its life and result in spending thousands of dollars to replace it when it gives out. Investing in low-maintenance commercial fitness equipment offers less of a chance of neglecting machine maintenance, as it is needed much less often.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s hardly ideal for a member to walk into your fitness center and three of the five treadmills are “out of order” for maintenance. A well-maintained machine will not only provide the best workout possible to a customer, but lessen the chance of injury. Not to mention, if your equipment is always out of order, customers will eventually get fed up and look for a gym elsewhere that has equipment available and is well-maintained. Today, members aren’t going to walk into your gym and sign up because you’re there. Before going to a gym, customers are doing their research before signing up. When potential members come to your gym, give them a tour and show off your durable equipment and they will sure to be impressed. Members are going to look for a gym that gives them the most bang for their buck, that includes the type of fitness equipment your fitness center provides.

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