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Stryker Takes You The Distance

Stryker Takes You The Distance

March 9, 2021

The next evolution of TRUE treadmills has arrived. After over 40 years of treadmill innovation, TRUE now brings you a slat treadmill built for the long run. The Stryker takes you the distance.

Introducing the TRUE Stryker Slat treadmill. The Stryker is engineered and built to withstand the demands of your facility. The new slat treadmill provides excellent durability thanks to its robust TRUE design and premium components.

With individual shock-absorbing slats, the Stryker reduces the impact on joints, muscles, and connective tissue. The Strkyer provides a closer feel to outdoor running, and the hoodless design allows users of all sizes to utilize the full running surface with their natural gait pattern.

The Stryker is packed with premium features. Learn more about what the Stryker Slat treadmill can do for you.

Lower Maintenance + More Durable

Lower maintenance and more durable provides lower overall costs for you.

The features and state-of-the-art technology makes the Stryker more comfortable for users and more durable for your facility. We take both you and your users the distance.

Stryker treadmill first person view.

The Stryker Slat offers a unique to TRUE slat system design. The shock-absorbing design provides an extra cushion where feet impact, allowing the use of a higher durometer, more durable slats.

Our thoughtful design includes everything you need for your facility. The robust design reduces vibrations for a better user experience and protection of product components. In addition, the extruded aluminum straddle covers provide a more durable experience versus traditional plastic covers.

Slat life expectancy is known to be much longer than a traditional treadmill belt, providing lower maintenance for you and your facility.

Easy Serviceability

We understand time equals money. We listened to our customers and designed the Stryker to be easier to service and move with adjustable, full-swivel castors. In addition, we made the motor and electronics easy to access for trouble-free serviceability. Unlike a standard treadmill belt, no lubrication is needed for the slat belt.

Safety Features

TRUE puts safety at the forefront. Our mechanical braking system will halt the motion of and lock the belt in the event of a power loss or removal of the safety key. The belt also locks when the treadmill is not in use.

Your Users Will Appreciate

Woman running on the Stryker treadmill.

From the shock-absorbing surface to built-in wireless charging within the console, the Stryker is designed to be the training tool your users will want to use every day.

A few user favorite features:

  • Shock-absorbing slat design provides users extra cushion where feet impact. 
  • Max speed of 12mph and incline of 25% for high-performance training. 
  • Built-in easy access quick-touch keys for speed and incline for HIIT workouts.
  • Ergonomically-designed heart rate grips with incline and speed thumb controls.
  • Open cockpit design to accommodate users of all sizes.
  • Oversized cup holders.
  • Consoles feature wireless charging.
  • Decline kit available (-3%-22%).

Pair The Stryker With The Perfect Console

The Stryker treadmill.

Experience the best of Stryker with a range of console options. Stryker consoles provide a range of performance, entertainment, and connectivity options that best fit the needs of you and your facility. With five consoles to choose from, we can help you find the best console option for your facility.

Whether you are building a new facility or looking to upgrade your current treadmill lineup, the Stryker Slat treadmill will take you and your facility the distance.

Ready to learn how Stryker can integrate seamlessly into your facility? Contact a rep today to upgrade your cardio experience