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TRUE Workout: Alpine, Composite, & Stretch Has It All

March 1, 2018

With one of the biggest tradeshows in the fitness industry right around the corner, IHRSA 2018, attendees will get to experience TRUE equipment firsthand, including how it can give you a great workout like this one. This workout incorporates many TRUE pieces, both strength, and cardio products, and anyone from any fitness level can do it. Whether or not you focus on strength training or cardio, this is a great total body workout that can provide a lot of benefits to clients and gym members.

This workout will hit every muscle group in your body, but it focuses mostly on your legs. Strength is added in for the entire body with the TRUE Composite Strength pieces and the TRUE Alpine runner will help with conditioning, as well as muscular endurance.

Tips Before the Workout

The TRUE Alpine Runner has many functions, including being an incline trainer, but in this workout, you will use it in your warm-up. Also, if you feel comfortable, stretching or foam rolling before a workout is also beneficial and can help get your body warmed up.

When you get to the TRUE Full Body Press and Glute Press, complete about three to four warm upsets. These sets should be gradually increased to help you find the weight you are comfortable with, as well as help you get acclimated to the machines.  This cardio and strength workout can be completed by any type of individual, but keep in mind you should tailor it to your physical ability to prevent injury and to make sure you are working your body in the correct way.

Here is an example warm-up set on the TRUE Composite Strength machines:

  • 40lbs x 8
  • 70lbs x 8
  • 90lbs x8 (This last set of 90lbs was challenging so this will be your first of 3 additional work sets)

To adjust this workout for your skill level, here are a few things to consider:

  • For a Beginner user: Use a weight that is moderately challenging but enables you to keep the perfect form with every rep.
  • For an Intermediate user: Use a weight that is challenging to complete all your sets.
  • For an Advanced user: Use a weight that is very challenging to complete the first set, rest around 3-4 minutes and complete it again at the same weight. This will help maximize strength adaptations. For the conditioning portion of the workout, push hard.

Proper Forms To Remember For This Workout

Like any workout, always focus on the form of each movement with every rep. This is very important on all movements but is extremely important on the Composite Strength pieces, the Full Body Press and Glute Press. The finished position of the full-body press takes a lot of core stability. By controlling each rep as much as possible you are saving yourself from many injuries and helping yourself stay in top shape.

Alpine Runner

Use this incline trainer just as you would any other treadmill or how you walk on a daily basis. Simply land midfoot on your front foot and avoid landing heel first. Pick a speed that is challenging but not max effort.

Composite Full Body Press

Starting in a crouched position, push with your legs and your hands. At the ending position, your legs and arms will be fully extended (imagine standing up with your hands over your head). Hold this ending position for 5 counts while trying to squeeze the handles away from you and simultaneously squeezing your glutes and abs tight.

Composite Glute Press

Begin by facing forward and put one leg on the near-vertical facing platform and one leg on the flat platform. Place your hands on the handles at equal distances. As you begin to push your rearward leg back, drive your hands forward. As this happens slightly bend your front leg on the flat platform. When you get your back leg fully extended hold that squeezes for 2 counts then return back to the starting position, try to keep even pressure from heel to toe on both feet. The bottom position will mimic that of a lunge.

The Workout

Try It For Yourself!

All of these products will challenge you and can be adjusted based on your physical ability and comfort. With the TRUE Alpine Runner, do not push yourself to the point where you feel like your legs will give out; if you feel extra fatigued simply lower the incline and speed. When you use the Composite Strength pieces, log your weights used and simply repeat this workout (with the Alpine Runner included) two to three times a week. When you are ready and feel like your body can handle it, add five pounds to continually increase your strength and slightly increase speed and incline on the Alpine Runner.

All of these TRUE products and this workout can be tried at the IHRSA 2018 Tradeshow on March 22 and 23rd at Booth 1715. Get the chance to learn more about how each piece works how it will help your commercial fitness facility and clients and experience the results firsthand.

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