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The Benefits of Group H.I.I.T Training Classes

April 5, 2018

High-intensity interval training, also known as H.I.I.T training, is all the rage in the fitness world right now. So much so that boutique gyms that specialize in only interval training are starting to pop up around the country. H.I.I.T training is a type of physical exercise in which you give 100 percent effort during quick and short bursts of energy. Then, each of those bursts is followed by recovery periods that can either be active or complete rest.

Research shows that interval training keeps your heart rate up, allowing you to burning more fat in less time. In fact, most H.I.I.T workouts are around 30 minutes or less. Other benefits of H.I.I.T. training include an increased metabolism, improve your aerobic exercise capacity, and it takes less time to complete than other workouts. An added bonus is that usually these types of workouts require little to no equipment, other than your bodyweight.

Exercise Together

Although H.I.I.T. training, or any type of interval training, can seem intimidating, it isn’t! One of the ways you can ensure that gym members as well as trainers or class instructors can fully enjoy this type of exercise, is to offer it as a group class.

Here are a few reasons why group H.I.I.T classes can be beneficial:

No Two Workouts Are The Same

High-intensity interval training can utilize a variety of aerobic movements to encourage your body to ask for more oxygen to fuel it. This after burn effect (felt during the rest periods of training) is called post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC and can be achieved through a variety of active and rest exercises. Plus, by changing what specific exercises are incorporated into each class – you’ll entice members to keep coming back.

Group Classes Provides Structure

Some people come to the gym unsure of what they want to accomplish during their workout or how to reach their fitness goals. By offering group H.I.I.T classes you give individuals the chance to work out without having to do extra thinking or planning on their part.

H.I.I.T classes can also be altered to appeal to clients of all fitness levels without sacrificing the benefits of H.I.I.T training.

Group Classes Are Motivating

Group classes are especially beneficial to those clients who either don’t like exercising by themselves or need extra motivation. It always helps to have other people or a close friend to workout with because when you see others doing it, it should encourage you to try too. Your gym’s trainers and instructors should also be motivating members: their enthusiasm can truly make the overall experience. Don’t forget those motivating Intros and Outros!

Try It On A Treadmill!

Now that you know why it would be good to offer group H.I.I.T. training classes at your gym or club, there is also innovative ways to help make it possible for you to do so.

TRUE Fitness has recently announced their new Ignite console, a high-intensity interval training specific console for commercial treadmills. This means that any commercial TRUE treadmill and the TRUE Alpine Runner Incline Trainer can be used in group workout classes to change things up. Interval training no longer has to be completed in a simple exercise room: it can be done on the gym floor with a line-up of treadmills.

As a gym owner and as a member of that gym, TRUE understands the importance of providing products that are stress-free to use. Having the Ignite HIIT console in a fitness facility will appeal to everyone because it’s so simple to navigate and use, making it easy for trainers to use in both group and individual training classes.

The Ignite console will be available soon for the C400, C650 and C900 series commercial treadmills as well as the TRUE Alpine Runner incline trainer treadmill.

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