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Exercises to Show Clients with Knee Pain

December 14, 2015

As a fitness trainer, each and every client you train will have different physical needs and health requirements. When people seek out a fitness trainer, they are often looking to overcome some kind of obstacle, whether it is the lack of motivation, or pain from an injury. The most common complaint is knee pain. If not handled carefully, knee pain can be exacerbated, which can lead to more problems down the line.  If you are a fitness trainer involved with a client experiencing knee pain, try these exercises below to reduce pain and make workouts easier:

Strengthen the Knee with Stationary Bikes

Stationary exercise bikes are great for clients who experience knee pain because they’re low impact and each user can adjust the amount of resistance to their liking. At the same time, bikes are great for strengthening the muscles around the knee to prevent pain over time. Make sure your client begins slow and on a low resistance before working their way up from there, as starting with too much resistance may cause further injury to the knee.

Stretch Muscles with Straight Leg Stretches

For straight leg stretches, have your client lay on their back with their hands at their sides and legs straight. One leg at a time, instruct them to raise their straightened leg up toward the ceiling, then back down, alternating between legs, doing as many reps as you feel necessary. This Pilates exercise is great for stretching out the muscles located behind the knee.

Work Out Stiffness with Leg Presses

Using a leg pressing machine, have your client mount the machine and follow the instructions listed on the placard. Tell them to start out slowly before gradually working their way up to more weights on the press. Make sure that they complete slow, controlled movements to prevent extra stress on the knee. This exercise is great for strengthening leg muscles, especially those that surround the knee. This exercise also allows the knee to bend and straighten repeatedly which will help stretch out the tightened, painful muscles.

Reject the “No Pain, No Gain” Mentality

Knee pain is a serious issue, but some clients may insist on pushing past it. If you client admits to knee pain in one session, stop the exercise and resort to one of the alternatives listed above. In future sessions, check in periodically throughout the workout to make sure he or she is not in pain.

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