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Variety vs. Consistency: How to Train Your Clients

August 12, 2015

Unlike teaching a class, teaching a client individually means providing them with the ultimate workout plan. This plan will require a balance of variety and consistency to keep the client interested and challenged.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Tailoring Workouts to the Individual Client

When first meeting with your client, make sure you discuss their overall goal of their workout program. Knowing their main goal will help you better understand which types of workouts will help them achieve the best results. For instance, someone who wants to lose more weight would have a more cardio-based program, while someone else who wants to be toned and muscular would have a more strength-based program. Once the general plan is set in place, you can then begin to research and incorporate numerous exercises in order to keep your client’s body challenged and their minds interested.

Providing the Right Amount of Variety Prevents Boredom

Make sure your client’s workouts have a variety of exercises. Not only will it stave off boredom, but when you don’t add range to a workout, the body gets used to it. As a result, your client’s body spends less effort than when it is faced with new challenges.

Staying Consistent Helps Self-Esteem & Safety

While variety keeps things interesting, avoid adding too much variety. Too much unpredictability will make the workout less enjoyable for a client and they won’t be able to master a technique. Consistency also makes a workout safer. For instance, no matter what type of workout plan or goal your client has in mind, a warm-up and a cool-down should always be a part of their workout regimen. Warming up and cooling down prior to and after a workout helps a client’s heart prepare for the workout and slowly come back to a normal rate, respectively. It also helps prevent injury and lightheadedness if a client’s heart rate drops too suddenly.

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