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Stretching Before Using The TRUE Fitness Line.

TRUE Product Highlight: Fitness Line

July 28, 2021

Modern style meets space-efficient design for a substantial value in the strength category. The TRUE Fitness Line is ideal for hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, or facilities where space and budget are limited.

The Fitness Line includes 12 pieces that are ideal for hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, or any facility where space and budget are limited. TRUE’s Fitness line pieces can be easily mixed and matched with our other strength lines and pieces like Functional Trainers, Plate Loaded Racks and Benches, and more. Set your facility up to meet the needs of your members with TRUE’s Fitness Line.

Choose From Our 12 Selectorized Strength Pieces:

Shoulder Press

The Fitness Line Shoulder Press offers dual grip positions for variation and an adjustable seat for proper fit and function.

Chest Press

The Chest Press offers standard and neutral grip positions for variation and an adjustable seat for proper fit and function.

Seated Leg Curl

Our Seated Leg Curl features an adjustable back and thigh pads and a self-aligning ankle pad for proper comfort and precise fit.

Leg Extension

The Leg Extension features an adjustable back pad and self-aligning ankle pad to accommodate a wide range of users.

Low Back/Abdominal

The Fitness Line Low Back/Abdominal allows users to change between Back Extension and Abdominal Crunch exercises easily.


TRUE’s Biceps/Triceps provides three starting positions for both Biceps Curls and Triceps Extensions.

Pec Fly Rear Delt Machine

The Fitness Line Pec Fly Rear Delt machine offers multiple starting positions for both Pec Fly and Rear Deltoid exercises. The 6-position seat assembly and dual-position handles with angled pivot accommodate users of all sizes, while the 7-position arm adjustment provides a full range of motion for both pectoral fly and rear deltoid movements.


Our Multi-Press easily adjusts into any of 4 exercise positions: Supine Press, 25 and 45-degree Incline Press, and Shoulder Press.

Lat Pulldown Seated Row Machine

We designed the Fitness Line Lat Pulldown Seated Row Machine for members to move between Lat Pulldown and Seated Row exercises.

Inner/Outer Thigh

The Inner-Outer Thigh offers a conveniently located adjustment handle and rotating thigh pads for a quick and easy transition between the inner and outer thigh exercises.

Leg/Calf Press

The Fitness Line Leg/Calf Press offers easy entry and exit and an adjustable foot platform to accommodate many users.

Leg Extension/Leg Curl

TRUE’s Fitness Line Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine offers 4 starting positions for both Leg Extension and Seated Leg Curl exercises.

If you are looking for space-efficient value-driven selectorized equipment, look no further than the TRUE Fitness Line. Contact a TRUE Rep today to learn more.