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Boston Sports Club, Wellesley MA

About Boston Sports Club

Boston Sports Club has been providing a premier fitness experience since 1996. Over the decades they have been dedicated to providing their members with a healthy lifestyle. They pride themselves in creating connections with their members and delivering a personalized fitness experience.

The facility

Boston Sports Club contains a full line of TRUE Cardio, as well as the TRUE Full Body Press and the TRUE Stretch.

TRUE's prominence within Boston Sports Club has helped them to continue their commitment to providing their members with a top of the line fitness experience.

TRUE Cardio

Boston Sports Club - Wellesley is equipped with 5 Alpine Runner Incline Trainers, TC900 Treadmills, Spectrum Adjustable Stride Ellipticals, XC900 Ellipticals, 2 Traverse, 3 900 Recumbent and Upright Bikes. Each piece of cardio gives Boston Sports Club members a wide range of workouts for a personalized cardio session.

TRUE Strength

The TRUE Full Body Press engages a wide variety of muscle groups in one workout session and it the perfect addition to any facility.

TRUE Flexibility

The TRUE Stretch is a key piece that allows members to increase flexibility throughout different parts of the body and reduce the possibility of injury during a workout.