With two TMS4000 4-sided pods and a Cable Crossover, the TMS8000 can be configured to fit in the center of a room or positioned up against a wall or mirror.

  • Comes standard with 2x TMS4000 4-Sided Pods, Cable Crossover with Adjustable Cable Columns, and Multi-Grip Chin Bar Assembly with Suspension Bracket
  • Personalize paint colors and upholstery
  • 8 weight stack configuration shown with optional front and rear shrouds

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Build a TMS8000 Modular System For Your Facility

The Cable Crossover includes convenient handle and pop-pin design for one hand vertical adjustments through 25 clearly marked positions and a multi-grip chin bar. Choose from five different add-on stations including Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Single Adjustable Cable Column, Biceps Curl, and Triceps Extension. Each station includes color illustrations showing start and end exercise positions. When fully outfitted, the TMS8000 can accommodate up to 9 users.

The TMS8000 features:

  • 2x TMS4000 4-Sided Pods + Cable Crossover with Adjustable Cable Columns
  • Multi -Grip Chin Bar Assembly with Suspension Bracket

1 / Choose Your Cable Crossover Resistance

  • 170 lb/85 lb
  • 250 lb/125 lb

2 / Choose What You Would Like for End Stations A (Optional - Maximum 2, Minimum 0)

  • Single Adjustable Cable Column TMS0070 (170 lb/85 lb or 250 lb/125 lb resistance)
  • Biceps Curl TMS0600 (170 lb)
  • Triceps Extension TMS0500 (170 lb)

3 / Choose What You Would Like for Side Stations B (Maximum 4, Minimum 2)

  • Lat Pulldown TMS1100 (210 lb or 310 lb)
  • Seated Low Row TMS1200 (210 lb or 310 lb)
Physical Specifications
Footprint 8 Weight Stack - 218" x 145" x 96", 6 Weight Stack - 218" x 103" x 96"
Warranty Type Commercial
Frame 10 Years
Parts 5 Years
Labor 1 Year
Cosmetic and Coating 3 Months