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6 Strength Equipment Essentials for Your Commercial Gym

6 Strength Equipment Essentials for Your Commercial Gym

September 21, 2023


Strength training is an essential exercise form that enhances people’s fitness journey and health. Strengthening muscles reduces and protects against joint strain and injuries, improves posture and balance, and expands one’s mobility and capabilities. Providing your clients with plenty of strength training programs allows them to reap its many benefits and makes your gym the place for people to reach their health and fitness goals.

Equip the best machines for strength training and elevate your clients’ workout experiences and goals, whether your gym is in a health club, YMCA center, corporate office, or school. Check out our list of strength equipment essentials every commercial gym should include.

Basic Weights

Weights are the most popular training tool. Adding weights to workouts increases resistance and intensity and forces your muscles to use more energy. Aside from generic weight plates and barbell rods, workout weights come in many forms, diversifying your clients’ workout and strength training options. Essential basic gym weights include:


Dumbbells are a hand-held free weight that often comes in pairs to create balance when using them in your strength training routine. Compared to barbells, dumbbells give exercisers more control over their weightlifting and come with fewer injury risks. Your clients can use dumbbells in many ways, from adding resistance to their crunches to performing bicep curls.


Kettlebells are like dumbbells but differ in structural design. Dumbbells are like miniature versions of barbells with two weights on either end of a rod. Kettlebells, on the other hand, consist of one anchor weight and a handle. Using one weight source guarantees more even weight distribution, whereas a dumbbell or barbell can lean heavier on one end depending on how you hold it. Users can lift and carry kettlebells using one or both hands.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are another popular strength training free weight. Unlike dumbbells and kettlebells, medicine balls do not have any handles, providing a different weight training experience. Medicine balls require the use of two hands. Most medicine balls are also specifically designed to be thrown with force without causing injuries or damage, further diversifying clients’ workout options.

Offering different weight options in your gym gives your clients multiple ways to diversify their strength training and adapt their exercises to meet their goals and needs. A varied supply of weights is a basic gym essential, especially for rehabilitation centers.

Pro Tip:

With a myriad of weights on hand, you’ll need substantial racks and holders. TRUE’s FS-24 3-Tier Flat Tray Dumbbell Rack provides compact and easily accessible storage for kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls, keeping your gym organized and weights safely stored when not in use.

Selectorized Resistance Machines

Resistance training is an effective form of strength training. Adding force and weight to different movements challenges muscles to work harder, use more energy and contract with purpose. Selectorized gym equipment are strength training machines that allows users to customize their weight and resistance.

Selectorized equipment comes in many designs, offering a broad selection of resistance workouts for your gym. Many selectorized equipment focuses on isolated targets and specific muscles, assisting with specific fitness goals or training focus areas. Offering multiple selectorized and resistance equipment enhances your gym’s strength training programs by providing effective and diverse workouts.

Dip Stations

Dip exercises use the body’s weight to strengthen muscles, eliminating the need for or use of external weights. All dipping workouts target strengthening the triceps, back muscles, deltoids, and upper arms, from chin to knee dips. Dip stations are perfect for clients looking to strengthen their upper body.

Functional Training Equipment

Functional exercises use functional movements that train large muscle groups, from abdominal to hip muscles. Functional movements include pulling, pushing, and rotating. TRUE’s functional trainers provide your clients with a multifunctional strength training station, offering a mix of upper and lower-body workouts.

Adjustable Benches

Benches are versatile fitness equipment that assists with multiple strength exercises. Your clients can use workout benches for:

  • Barbell and dumbbell rows
  • Elevated planks
  • Various dumbbell presses
  • Dumbbell pullovers
  • Chest flies

Adjustable benches are strength training essentials because they provide exercisers with postural support, making certain strength exercises more comfortable, ergonomically friendly, and less injury-prone. Clients can customize their seated or reclined positions to best suit their bodies and needs.

Pressers, Crunchers, and Curlers

Pressing, crunching, and curling are common movements included in strength training. Pressers, crunchers, and curlers generate some resistance force and target different body muscles in various ways.

Press Machines

Chest and leg press machines work specific upper or lower body muscles, applying force resistance to pressing motions to build strength. Chest pressers work delts, pecs, and triceps. Leg pressers strengthen muscles in the thighs, glutes, and calves.

Crunch Machines

Crunch machines target abdominal muscles, strengthening cores and toning abs. Crunching equipment comes in multiple designs and styles, including Roman benches and ab selectorized machines.

Curl Machines

Curling workouts and fitness equipment come in many variations, targeting different muscles, from the legs to the arms, in a myriad of motions. Leg curlers strengthen the hamstrings and activate the butt, thighs, and front shin. Preacher benches promote curling exercises that strengthen forearms, targeting the brachioradialis. Bicep curlers use weight resistance.

Adding press, crunch, and curl machines to your gym enhances your clients’ strength training with diverse motion ranges that change up their workout routines.

Encouraging your clients to work on their strength training will enhance their fitness goals and experiences. With stronger muscles, your clients can reduce joint strain, improve their posture, and feel healthier. Promote strength training in your commercial gym with these pieces of essential strength equipment. At TRUE, we offer all kinds of commercial strength training equipment, from dip stations to curlers. No matter the gym you manage—YMCA fitness center, school gym, military training grounds—TRUE’s strength equipment offers many ways for your clients to strengthen their muscles and improve their health and fitness. Check out our different collections of strength equipment and transform or create a gym that provides plenty of strength training programs for all to enjoy.

6 Strength Equipment Essentials for Your Commercial Gym