TRUE’s TMS5000 modular frame with cable crossover is a multifaceted modular system and cable cross machine offering multiple add-on selections and workout options. The base of this modular system features TRUE’s TMS4000 four-sided pod, providing four distinct workout stations.

The main event of the TMS5000, the cable crossover machine, enhances the TMS4000 with effective resistance training and a multi-grip chin bar, offering a workout that’s suitable for all types of fitness goals in one piece of equipment. The TMS5000 can accommodate up to six users at a time, saving space in your gym and eliminating the need to buy multiple machines. Modify your TMS5000 modular frame with cable crossover and design a multifunctional workout system that caters to your gym’s goals.

  • Comes standard with TMS4000, Cable Crossover with Adjustable Cable Columns, and Multi-Grip Chin Bar Assembly
  • Personalize paint colors and upholstery
  • Shown with optional front and rear shrouds

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Build a TMS5000 Modular System For Your Facility

The Cable Crossover includes convenient handle and pop-pin design for one hand vertical adjustments through 25 clearly marked positions and a multi-grip chin bar. Choose from five different add-on stations including Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Single Adjustable Cable Column, Biceps Curl, and Triceps Extension. Each station includes color illustrations showing start and end exercise positions.

The TMS5000 features:

  • TMS4000 4-Sided Pod + Cable Crossovers with Adjustable Cable Column
  • Multi-Grip Chin Bar Assembly

1 / Choose Your Cable Crossover Resistance

  • 170 lb/85 lb
  • 250 lb/125 lb

2 / Choose What You Would Like for End Stations A (Optional - Maximum 1, Minimum 0)

  • Single Adjustable Cable Column TMS0070 (170 lb/85 lb or 250 lb/125 lb)
  • Biceps Curl TMS0600 (170 lb)
  • Triceps Extension TMS0500 (170 lb)

3 / Choose What You Would Like for Side Stations B (Maximum 2, Minimum 1)

  • Lat Pulldown TMS1100 (210 lb or 310 lb)
  • Seated Low Row TMS1200 (210 lb or 310 lb)
Physical Specifications
Footprint 170" x 145" x 96"
Warranty Type Commercial
Frame 10 Years
Parts 5 Years
Labor 1 Year
Cosmetic and Coating 3 Months