SPL-0200 Seated Leg Curl

Leg curl machines are a staple. They provide effective isolating and strengthening hamstring workouts that balance muscles and enhance lower body power. The SPL-0200 seated leg curl machine is part of TRUE’s signature Palladium Series, designed with precision biomechanics and user comfort in mind. This hamstring curl machine offers a variable resistance cam that matches the body’s natural strength curve for maximum muscle recruitment and efficient workouts. Users can also explore a multitude of seat adjustment options to further enhance their workouts to suit their specific needs and elevate comfort.

On top of providing ergonomic and effective hamstring workouts, the SPL-0200 seated leg curl machine also offers multiple upholstery options, guaranteeing designs that are suitable for an array of gym aesthetics. From comfort to efficiency to style, the SPL-0200 seated leg curl machine offers abundant benefits that are hard to pass on. Contact a TRUE representative today to equip your gym with a leg curl machine that benefits both your clients and business. This SPL-0200 seated leg curl machine is necessary for any gym!

  • 8-position seat back adjustable while seated or standing uses premium grade linear bearings and gas cylinder assist for stable, low friction adjustments
  • 8-position curved ankle pad adjustable from the seated position provides proper support and comfort throughout the entire range of motion
  • 8-position curved thigh pad accommodates a wide range of users
  • 10-position start range limiter allows users to choose the range of motion best suited to their individual needs
  • Matte black finish available with custom color options. 18 upholstery options available in a wide range of colors. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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Seat Back

8 position adjustable seat back from either standing or seated positions.

Curved Ankle Pad

8 position adjustment that is comfortably accessible from the seated position.

Start Range Limiter

10 positions allow the user to choose a range of motion best suited to their individual needs.


Accessory Tray Yes
Physical Specifications
Footprint 60” L x 48” W x 58” H (152cm x 122cm x 147cm)
Weight Stack Options 200 lbs / 91 kg 260 lbs / 118 kg 320 lbs / 145 kg
10 Years Frame components and welds exclude excluding coatings
5 Years Bushings, sealed rotating bearings, pulleys, weight plates and guide rods excluding coatings
1 Year Labor; cables, linear bearings and shafts and all other components not mentioned elsewhere in this warranty
90 Days Normal wear parts including but not limited to labels, upholstered pads and grips