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Your Gym Survey Results Are In…Now What?

July 6, 2015

You have created surveys for your gym members, handed them out and collected them, but now what do you do? How are you supposed to take member’s answers and opinions, and turn them into useful data to improve your fitness facility? Don’t worry: putting customer feedback to work is easier than you think.

First, Organize the Data Collected

Before you can begin offering solutions and addressing concerns, you need to get organized. You have collected a wide variety of information and in order for any of it to be useful it needs to be separated and organized. The easiest and most efficient way to do this is to group all the answers together for each question, and then further group those answers into sub groups of answers that share similarities.

Next Up: Brainstorm Solutions

Once you organize all of the data you have collected, you can begin to brainstorm how you are going to put the suggestions and concerns of your gym members to use. Select a group of answers that have a common topic and then brainstorm solutions and ideas as to how this suggestion or concern can be addressed.

Finally, Address Each Concern

Simply collecting surveys and doing nothing with the information will cause your members to feel as if they are wasting their time by completing your surveys. In order for your members to feel as if their opinions are valuable, they want to know that they are being heard. No matter what, you must address each suggestion or concern. This task may include:

  • Providing new classes
  • Training personnel in customer service
  • Upgrading your equipment

An easy way to address concerns is to share the survey results with your gym members. Post the results at the front of your facility or send out in an email showing the suggestions and concerns and how you will address them. Your members will appreciate your openness and willingness to include them and are less likely to hassle you on when their suggestions will be carried out. You’ll have a more pliable amount of time to tackle any bigger issues that have been raised.

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