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Work On Your Fitness…While You Are At Work

May 25, 2018

While corporate and workplace wellness may sound fancy, these two ideas encourage employees to be more active and focus on their health, especially while at work. Having a workplace gym can be a very beneficial asset to your employees and it is important to be sure you include the right pieces of equipment.

The Essentials Of A Workplace Gym

With fitness becoming more and more popular, employees are focusing on their health and fitness more than ever before. Think about it, employees probably spend more time in the office than at home so that means they probably have minimal time to make it to the gym after work.

As an employer, you want to make sure that your employees feel that their time and effort is valued and that you take an interest in their health and well-being. By adopting a wellness program or providing an on-site gym, you are rewarding them for their hard work and sending the message that you do care about their health, both physically and mentally.

Things to offer your employees so they can focus on their wellness:

Have Incentives & Competitions

Host a steps challenge via wearable fitness devices. For those who reach a certain amount of steps in a given time frame, they can win a prize like . Don’t make the contest device specific though: Not everyone has an Apple Watch or a FitBit, so try to make it universal among all types of devices. In fact, a majority of today’s smartphones have a built-in step counter.

Space To Workout With Quality Equipment

Company gyms can be a wide-range of sizes, and as an employer you will know what size gym is appropriate based on your company size and of course available building space. If you have room for a full-size gym that includes cardio, strength and flexibility equipment, consider these pieces:

Easily Available Resources

If your employees are new to working out consistently, it would be beneficial to have informational and knowledgeable resources available for them to ask any questions too. These resources can be a person or informational posters or an app that employees can refer to while they are working out.

If you are unable to provide a complete gym to employees, there are other options like putting exercise balls and yoga mat in each office or cubicle. Those are two items that can be use appropriately throughout the work day that still help boost company wellness.

If you decide to follow-through with having a gym for employees to use, be sure that all employees know when it is okay to workout at the office so that it doesn’t deter them from their work duties. An on-site gym is an investment for your company and in your employees but it is one that will help increase the culture and wellness of your entire workforce.

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