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Why Your Gym Should Start Catering to Older Adults Now

September 30, 2015

There has been a recent explosion of older adults that are joining fitness centers and tackling their physical fitness. However, as this new demographic continues to grow, it is important that your fitness center is properly catering to their specific needs.

Cater to Large Demographics

As the large numbers of Baby Boomers enter their elderly years, many want to keep their bodies strong and healthy. Health clubs with brands that only attract young men and women can more than double their membership numbers by considering an older demographic.

Inspire Older Adults with Advertising

By advertising that your fitness center caters to older adults, not just a younger population, your gym will become more attractive to potential members. Advertising to older adults will differ from advertising to younger adults. For example, you don’t want to advertise to older adults showing them young people with perfectly fit bodies. Older adults cannot realistically relate to these images. Instead, show older adults how coming to your gym can help them in their everyday lives from preventing losing the ability to do things themselves to feeling more energetic and happy. If an older adult is disabled, show them that they can benefit from a wide range of exercises. Offer older adults:

Encouraging Health at Every Age

While gaining new membership is essential to keep your health club up and running, your main focus should always be encouraging the health of your members. Providing a fitness center for people of all ages will provide motivation and encouragement them to live long and healthy lives by taking care of themselves physically. One way to show potential members that you are dedicated to their well-being is by offering incentive programs for existing members or free trial memberships so they can come in and see first-hand what your club has to offer.

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