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Why You Need a Traditional Fitness Center at Your Country Club

October 7, 2015

People often seek out country clubs because they provide a wide variety of activities that a traditional fitness center does not. However, it’s also important to provide a traditional fitness center to keep your members from abandoning your club for another.

Satisfy Members Seeking a Gym Membership

It’s important to pay attention to what your current and potential members are looking for at their ideal country club. While typical country club activities are often physical, they are not necessarily categorized as an intense workout. Traditional fitness centers allow members to do activities and workouts that may not be otherwise available at a country club, like a full-body workout. If members feel like they are not maintaining their physical fitness with the activities your club provides, they will start to look for solutions elsewhere. Therefore, your country club may also retain a member that may have otherwise given up their membership in order to join a traditional fitness center instead. Members who want the leisurely activities of a country club and the emphasis on fitness will not have to purchase two memberships to your country club and an outside fitness center. They will be able to get everything they want in one place.

Stay Competitive with Other Country Clubs

Staying ahead of the game means providing your members with the most you possibly can. Country clubs are known for the variety of activities they provide for their members, such as racquet ball and golf, this selection is often used to entice potential members to join the country club and socialize in groups. By adding a traditional fitness center with state of the art fitness equipment, your club can tack on yet another amenity offered to your valued members. Potential members will see that your country club offers amenities that other don’t and will be more likely to come to you instead of a competitor.

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