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Why Every Gym Should Offer Free Trials

May 20, 2015

Many people like the idea of joining a gym but are uncomfortable investing in one decision. One of the best ways to attract and gain new members for your fitness facility is to offer them free trials. Free trials give potential members a risk-free opportunity to see what your gym offers and how it operates so they may determine if they would like to return.

Risk-Free Trials Attract Members

Potential members don’t want to feel like they’re being pressured to get a gym membership. Offering free trials with no strings attached will get people to try your gym risk-free without feeling pressured.


Show Them Where Their Money Will Go

Once a member’s free trial expires, it is important to show the customer that their money is being invested wisely. Keeping your fitness equipment updated and in proper working condition will keep members happy and appreciative. This will help convince members to stay past the free trial and purchase a membership of their own.

Renew Your Current Gym Members Interest

Gyms that offer more than a one-time free trial are even more likely to get returning members. Offering guests a free two-week or even a month-long membership will get them into the habit of coming to your gym to workout. As a result, they will be more open to renewing their membership at the end of the trial period. Offering a free trial to members who have not renewed their membership can also encourage them to rejoin.

Convert Members From Other Gyms

Another reason to offer free trials to potential members is because every gym offers something different than the next. Whether it is different hours, equipment, classes, or atmosphere, the same gym is not for everyone and potential members will be looking to see if your gym meets their needs. Make a great impression by providing trial members with a friendly and unique atmosphere. Show off what you can offer them that other gyms cannot. A free trial brings people into your gym to witness what is different about your particular fitness center. This opportunity can showcase:

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