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Young woman stretching their legs in gym. Stretch gym.

Why Every Gym Should Have A Designated Stretching Area

April 26, 2013

While exercise enthusiasts are certainly attracted to gyms with the best commercial gym equipment, a designated stretching area can be equally as important. According to the Mayo Clinic, proper stretching can be a powerful component of any exercise program if done properly.

Many gym-goers may understand the importance of stretching, but its benefits can be negated if they overextend themselves or don’t perform stretches that will enhance their workouts. If you can’t afford to have someone supervise your gym’s designated stretching area full-time, a great way to help members reduce their risk of injury is by adding the TRUE Stretch.

Creating An Optimal Designated Stretching Area

TRUE Stretch is a revolutionary concept developed by Gary Gray, an internationally renowned physical therapist. Gray’s invention brings a natural approach to flexibility training and gives such positive results that it’s already being used by professional athletes and a wide variety of both professional and collegiate sports teams. The secret is that TRUE Stretch creates a self-contained area within the designated stretching space of the fitness facility.

TRUE Stretch completely eliminates the need for floor-based stretching, offering a safe space where exercisers can work to maximize their flexibility. Unlike traditional methods, TRUE Stretch allows gym-goers to mimic movements that they use in daily life. The easy-to-follow instructions are organized by muscles group, which makes it possible for anyone using TRUE Stretch to target the specific areas of their bodies they plan to work on without the need for personal trainer supervision.

By using TRUE Stretch to create a designated stretching area within the gym, fitness facility owners can encourage the practice of stretching before and after a workout, thereby reducing the risk of injury for their members. With proper stretching, exercisers will be able to increase their performance during their workouts and see better results from their time spent at the gym.