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What’s the difference between upright and recumbent bikes?

August 30, 2013

In each corporate gym, you’ll find an array of cardio fitness equipment. There are different varieties of treadmills and ellipticals. There are also two different kinds of commercial exercise bikes: an upright bike and a commercial recumbent bike. Upright bikes Upright bikes like the True LC900 Upright Bike mimic the look and feel of road bikes. Riders are seated above the frame and pedal similarly to if they were traveling. You are able to ride as if on a flat surface, over hills and at different resistance levels. Upright bikes are ideal for those who cycle. They are great alternatives for riding when you can’t get outdoors due to weather conditions or other circumstances. Particularly if you are training for a cycling race, riding an upright bike will help you achieve your goal. Recumbent bikes Recumbent bikes like True PS100 Recumbent Bike have a bucket seat with a reclined back rest with the rider sitting in the frame as opposed to above it. Handlebars are at shoulder level, so it takes pressure of the wrists. Pedaling on a recumbent bike also resembles pedaling a road bike. Recumbent bikes provide a great cardio workout, but because of their frame structure, they are ideal for certain populations as well as people recovering from injuries. For older people, the seat positioning helps with balance issues. Also people with back issues benefit from riding a recumbent bike because the back rest provides support. Recumbent bikes are also often used by people in recovery because it puts less pressure on the joints and can be less strenuous than an upright bike. Both types of bikes can provide an excellent cardio experience no matter what your fitness goals are. They can help you lose or maintain weight and improve heart health. When deciding which bike to ride for your workout, it comes down to personal preferences as well as what your ultimate goals are.