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Turn Pool Memberships into Year-Round Gym Memberships

June 1, 2015

Summer is on its way, which means pool membership customers are coming to community centers by the dozens. This additional traffic to your community center could be directed to your other offered services as well, which has the potential to increase returning customers and add popularity to the full spectrum of services your center offers. However, this transition won’t happen on its own. Here are some good tactics you can use to encourage pool members to make the leap to a year-round gym membership:

Offer a Discount

Offering a discount on gym memberships will entice customers to try it, as there is less perceived risk when they are saving money. It’s a great way to get members into your fitness center and show them everything that you have to offer them. They may have come to your center for the pool, but stayed because of the state of the art fitness facility.

Offer a Fitness Center and Pool Membership Package

If you know pool memberships will be on the rise for the summer, allow people to combine their pool membership with a fitness membership as well. This no-hassle approach will get them to try the gym out, as well as make them feel appreciated and welcome at your community center throughout the year.

Offer Incentives

An easy way to get members to try a new service is to offer them a beneficial reason to do so. Give your members incentives to try parts of your community center they have not tried before, such as:

  • Allowing individuals to try the fitness center for free their first time—a classic way to attract new people
  • Offering a reduced rate on pool memberships or another service (classes, etc.) that they already participate in in exchange for trying out a new service
  • Giving away small prizes, such as pool toys, sports balls, or community center t-shirts
  • Offering them a free month membership to keep them coming back on a regular basis if they decide to continue with the fitness center membership

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