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TRUE Workout: Training On The TRUE Traverse Lateral Trainer

June 20, 2017

A part of TRUE’s HIT Cardio Series, the TRUE Traverse Lateral Trainer gives users the most comprehensive workout in any gym or health facility. Unique programming features such as the Cardio 360™ Workout encourages the activation of more muscle groups than a typical lateral trainer.

With a variety of console options, the TRUE Traverse Lateral Trainer also has the capability to be self-generating, saving facilities energy without the restriction of placement on the floor. Complete with side-to-side motion, users get a workout that sculpts the core and lower body with smooth motions for a better workout in less time.

Exercise Goals

This Lateral Intervals Cardio workout on TRUE’s Traverse Lateral Trainer is truly for anyone with any goal and any body type.

If your goal is to lose weight, this exercise is perfect because of its low impact. It will eliminate harsh compression on the knees, ankles, and hips caused by excess weight pressure. This compression often holds a lot of people back from exercising because their joints become sore and while also increasing the risk of serious injury.

If you are already at your goal weight, cardio is necessary to maintain that weight or become more defined by losing that last layer of adipose tissue. This workout has short bouts of high intensity followed by steady states of recovery, assuring that there is no muscle wasting; only heart rate variation allowing maximum fat loss without losing muscle.

Tips Before The Workout

You typically want to repeat this workout 2-3 times to complete a full cardio circuit.

  • For a Beginner: Repeat this routine 1-2 times. You will continue seeing results for a longer period of time doing this particular cardio workout.
  • For an Intermediate User: Repeat 3-5 times, remembering to change up the routine to continue seeing results.
  • For an Advanced User: Repeat 3-5+ and increase resistance to avoid hitting a fitness plateau.

To scale back the intensity of this workout, you can cut the overall time frames of each segment in half. Build on that by then lengthening the time of the segments to complete the whole workout. Once this is mastered, the repetition and resistance can be increased as well.

Proper Forms To Remember For This Workout

When exercising, remember to ensure it is comfortable enough for you to push the pedals, while keeping it difficult enough to create resistance. Keep your form correct and move with purpose. For example, keep your core tight and avoid pushing with your knees.

The Workout

Final Thoughts

Any machine that goes beyond unilateral movement needs attention to detail on body positioning to reduce the harmful angle on hinge joints. For example, TRUE’s Traverse has an inward and outward motion.

It’s important to understand that these directions come from the hips, not the knees. Pain in the knees can arise if you are just shifting weight carelessly from one leg to the other in-motion. To correct this immediately, increase the resistance so there is more purposeful effort into each movement.

By not correcting this motion, joints will still be grinding and moving with directions they aren’t made to repetitively endure. Keep hips in tight with knees over ankles and look straight at the middle of the console; do not bounce from side-to-side when gliding. This will ensure even weight distribution for better recruitment of glutes, abductors, adductors, and hamstrings.

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