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TRUE Workout: Total Body Toner

August 31, 2017

As opposed to more targeted workouts, exercising your whole body is a great way of not only improving your overall body strength, but preventing fitness plateaus and muscle imbalances.

Exercise Goals

This workout will hit every muscle group in your body! You will gain strength from the first movement performed and the next 7 movement

s will work on a combination of strength, conditioning, as well as muscular hypertrophy. Try to complete 2 rounds of this entire workout.

Tips Before the Workout

First of all, make sure you complete a proper warm up before diving into this workout. That may consist of some cardio, stretching, or foam rolling. When you get to the Composite Full Body Press, be sure to allow yourself about 3-4 warm up sets. These sets should be gradually increased to help you find the weight you will use for the work sets.

For example:

  • 40 lbs. x 6
  • 70 lbs. x 6
  • 90 lbs. x 6
  • 100 lbs. x 6 (this set was challenging, so it would be your first of 3 additional work sets)

To adjust this workout for your skill level there are a few things to consider:

  • For a Beginner user, use a weight that is moderately challenging but enables you to keep perfect form with every rep.
  • For an Intermediate user, use a weight that is challenging to complete all your sets. For the conditioning portion of the workout try to rest as minimally as possible.
  • For an Advanced user, use a weight that is very challenging to complete the first set, rest around 3-4 minutes and complete it again at the same weight. This will help maximize strength adaptations. For the conditioning portion of the workout try not to rest.

Proper Forms To Remember For This Workout

  • Composite Full Body Press
    • Starting in a crouched position, push with your legs and your hands. At the ending position your legs and arms will be fully extended (think standing up with your hands over your head). Hold this ending position for a 5 count; really try to squeeze the handles away from you and simultaneously squeeze your butt and abs tight.
  • XFT-100 Functional Trainer (Squat)
    • Set the pulleys at the lowest position, grab the handles and keep your hands tucked in close to your shoulders with a vertical forearm. Start with your feet about shoulder width apart with your toes pointing outward about 30 degrees. Keep even pressure from heel to toe: you should feel the weight mid foot. Bend at your knees and hips at the same time while pushing your knees out. Keep going down till you are below the height of a chair (lower than you want to go). When standing back up try to push your hips to the ceiling, then stand up straight.
  • XFT-100 Functional Trainer (Chest Press)
    • Set the pulleys so they are around mid-chest level. Grab the handles and stagger your stance. When you start to push, make sure your elbows are below your shoulders and your shoulder blades are pinched back together and stay that way. The handles should be below your shoulders to make this possible. Press out till your arms are fully extended keeping neutral wrists and return to the starting position.
  • FUSE-0700 Shoulder Press
    • Set the seat up so that your hands are a little above shoulder height. Grab the handles with a neutral wrist and vertical forearm. Press the handles as far away from you as possible. (Think shrug upward at the top). Return the handles back to the starting position ensuring you keep a vertical forearm. Stop the handles just before the weight stack hits.
  • Fuse-1100 Lat Pulldown
    • Start with fully extended arms, when you initiate the pulldown, try to squeeze your scapula down towards your butt. End with the bar just below your chin, with vertical forearms. Return the bar to the fully extend arm position. Keep your knees pressed against the pad during the whole set.
  • Lunge
    • With feet shoulder width, take a slightly exaggerated step forward. While bending your front leg, lower your back leg to the floor. Both legs should be bent around a 90 degree angle. Gently tap your back knee to the floor and pull yourself forward to your front foot. (Think pull through your heel on your front foot). Once standing up straight again, take another step forward and repeat.
  • Pushup
    • Begin lying on the floor. Put your hands just outside your shoulders and about nipple level. (Your forearm should be vertical). Tighten up your legs and core, then push away from the floor. At the top push as far away from the floor as you can. (Think flatten your back out). Slowly lower yourself back down and tap your chest to the floor and repeat. If this is too hard to do from your feet, simply leave your knees in contact with the floor.
  • Plank
    • Begin by lying on the floor. Put your forearms flat on the floor, keep your hands apart and get your elbows underneath your shoulders. Keeping your legs and core tight, pick up your hips. You should look like a straight line from your head to your feet. Don’t push your hips too high (like an arch) and don’t let your hips sag (like a bridge).

The Exercise

Final Thoughts

Always focus on the form with each movement and rep. This is very important on all movements but be extra sure to focus while on the Composite Total Body Press as the finished position of this movement takes a lot of core stability. Be sure to control each rep, as over extension could lead to knee, shoulder, and back injuries.

Make each set somewhat challenging but not to the point where your form begins to fail. Log your weights used and simply repeat this workout in a week or two to see how much better you have gotten. Make sure you stay active, eat enough healthy food, and rest enough. All these factors will help you recover faster.

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