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TRUE Workout: Cardio Burn on TRUE’s C400 Elliptical

December 18, 2017

Feel the burn! Resistance training is an important part of any workout, as it keeps the body challenged and promotes calorie burns.

Exercise Goals

This workout has a variety of intensity to keep the body guessing and creating an oxygen deficit that keeps the body burning calories after the workout is over. These types of workouts are great for fat loss without muscle wasting that can come with certain stead state cardio sessions. The C400 elliptical puts resistance on both the upper and lower body to leave you sweaty and feeling the burn.

Tips Before the Workout

Because of the intervals, this cardio workout is not one you want to complete on an empty stomach. Having some fast digesting carbs about an hour before the cardio session will make sure you can go hard throughout the 30 minutes.

This workout would also be appropriate to do after a lifting session as well. If the intensity is too much at certain times, you can always decrease it a little if your energy levels are depleted from lifting.

Proper Forms To Remember For This Workout

Make sure you are using all four limbs evenly so you aren’t pushing with just your arms or just your legs. Your chest should stay tall and shoulders relaxed and not stiff. Your knees should stay over your ankles as it will allow you to better use your gluten and hamstrings more instead of putting your knees at risk; don’t let them go inward with every stride. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

The Workout

Tips After the Workout

After you have completed this workout, do a full body stretch. This will help you recover faster and prevent muscle fatigue.

It’s also important to eat something healthy as soon as possible after your training session to maximize muscular recovery and prevent blood sugar levels from dropping. A serving of protein and equal amount of carbs are great post workout choices.

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