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TRUE Stories: Kameron Messenberg

December 11, 2019

Founded in 1979, TRUE Fitness has become a leader in the commercial and residential fitness industry. You may know our name and our products, but we would also like to introduce you to the people behind the brand – those who help make up our TRUE family.

Today, we are talking to a member of our TRUE family that embodies responsive service, and puts you first – Kameron Messenberg, Service Parts Shipping Supervisor at TRUE Fitness. TRUE’s promise is to build equipment and relationships with integrity, so we believe in keeping our equipment running at the highest standards. In order to do so, we must support our customers in all of their equipment parts needs.

Meet Kameron, TRUE’s Service Parts Shipping Supervisor of 7 years. Beginning as a Fork Truck Driver, Kam has received 4 promotions over his 7 year tenure at TRUE. “In the last 7 years, I went from a fork truck driver, to a shipping lead, to a parts shipping lead, to a supervisor,” said Kam. 

Kam was responsible for the complete overhaul of the parts shipping department. When he took over the shipping department 4 years ago, there were around 9,000 SKUs. Now, his team is responsible for almost 14,000 SKUs. “We have added and moved extra shelving and racking to make things flow better in my area,” said Kam. They added new storeganizer units and shelves on a rolling rack 2 and 3 deep “so we can put all parts in these racks to make accuracy a lot better.” 

Kam and his team work tirelesly to ensure all parts orders are accurately packaged and out the door, keeping your equipment running smoothly. “I feel like we are one of the only companies in the industry where if you get your order in at a certain time during that day, we are going to ship it to you that day,” said Kam. “Whether it be – if a person needs a console or a person needs a system upgraded or just a simple customer pickup that needs to fix a small item at their local gym. We try to fulfill all of the needs of our customers because we like to have a customer first mentality. Everybody in the warehouse is tight-knit. We all have our jokes, we all have our fun. We all kick it into gear when we need to kick it into gear.” 

At TRUE, customer service and satisfaction is held to the highest standard. “We all have the same common goal – take care of our customers and make sure things are coming in and out correctly. We’re all working on the same accord. We have 1 person shipping UPS, 2 people picking and pulling orders.” Kam always jumps in to help his team with picking and pulling or shipping to ensure parts are out the door the same day.  

When asked about his team’s impact, Kam said, “I think we’ve had a large impact. If a customer can’t get a part, if they need to fix a unit, we need to fix that ASAP. So, our goal is to get the customer the part in order to get the unit fixed and up and running ready to roll.” TRUE ensures that our customers have the quality equipment their facility deserves. 

At TRUE, our tagline states “Integrity Matters.” When asking Kam why integrity matters to him, he said “integrity matters to me because it’s fulfilling the promise to the customers that we’ll get the items out at a 99% success rate to take care of all customers needs.” 

Kam and his team enjoy the family-owned culture at TRUE. “To be a part of a family owned company, we see everybody’s face every single day. Whether you directly work with them or you just walk by and say hi, just any interaction. You’re seeing everyone in the company from the top to bottom.” TRUE is not “another company” and is instead an extension of your club or facility’s family. 

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