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June 25, 2019

Exceptional craftsmanship, a sleek exterior, and simplistic serviceability – the perfect cardio solution for clubs. Introducing TRUE’s new best-in-class Palisade Climber.

The Palisade Climber was designed with you in mind. We constructed the Palisade Climber from the ground up to meet the needs of customers, service technicians, and club owners to fill the gap where current climbers lack.


When building the TRUE Palisade Climber, our team of engineers decided to over-engineer many of the components to maintain the highest level of quality expected by our customers. An AC Drive system was chosen, as it is one of the better systems for cardio products and ensures longevity and quality while being whisper quiet.

The step is one of the most robust components of the entire machine. The Palisade Climber boats one of the strongest and deepest available. The extended length of the step ensures the toe doesn’t feel like its being pinched – a common problem in traditional step mills.


The TRUE Palisade Climber was designed to meet all North American and European safety standards. The integrated infrared sensors on the bottom of the machine trip if anyone gets too close to the machine or if something goes under the machine.

The double-braking system provides the highest level of safety. One brake is designed to prevent the product from over speeding, while the other brake locks down the step when the machine is not in use. The emergency brake buttons are available in front and on the side of the user in addition to the console for ease of access. An additional add-on option is the photo-interrupt safety sensor, which will lock the mechanical brake if any unsuspecting item brakes the plane on the sensor.

The TRUE Palisade Climber also offers step-up assistance which includes rear steps, integrated side rails, and a dipping handrail, ensuring it tailors to users of all fitness levels.


Serviceability was one of the key design aspects of the Palisade Climber. Instead of accessing components between the steps, we decided it was more critical to have components readily available. The front panel is removable for easy access to all the electrical system, drive system, and resistance system. In addition, the Palisade’s fixed transportation wheels allow it to be moved easily for quicker service access, reducing downtime!


Available with TRUE’s Envision, Envision with COMPASS®, and Emerge consoles, the Palisade Climber offers premium high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts without the harsh impact. Each console can provide the end user with a unique experience that helps them reach their personal fitness goals. By providing customizable features, technology, and asset management capabilities, user engagement is strongly enhanced.

Health Benefits

In addition to the abundant premium features, the Palisade Climber is a great machine to improve members’ cardiovascular health, as well as strengthen glutes and hamstrings with each step.

This piece of equipment is designed to meet the performance, reliability, and budget demands of today’s fitness facilities.

Ready to bring the Palisade Climber to your club or facility? Contact your TRUE rep today!