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TRUE Fitness Adds the Quickfit PRO SM1050 to their Commercial Strength Line

January 11, 2018

As a leading manufacturer of premium fitness equipment, TRUE Fitness is proud to introduce the new Quickfit PRO SM1050 to its commercial strength product portfolio. This multi-station system is the perfect strength piece for hotels and resorts, corporate fitness centers, police and fire agencies, and personal training studios.   

What Is The Quickfit PRO SM1050?

The Quickfit is a unique and versatile strength training system designed to accommodate a wide range of trainers whether novice or professional. The Quickfit offers a wide variety of exercise options in one attractive, economical, and space efficient package; it can fit into small areas while simultaneously providing multiple exercise possibilities for all training needs. It is ideal for any facility where space and budget may be limited.

Key Fitness Features

In one use, it is easy to engage with each feature of the Quickfit. The pull points with rotating pulleys, weight stack and the unique rowing feature are all parts of the machine that will help you reach your workout goals.

Key fitness features of the Quickfit PRO SM1050 include:

  • Six engagement points, offering a wide range of traditional, sports specific and functional training exercises
  • Pivoting back pad and dual rubber coated foot placements that provide support for upper body push and pull exercises
  • Training accessories already included for optimal use by the user. Optional accessories are also available

Free Access To Quickfit Specific Workouts

Another added bonus to the Quickfit is the QR code featured directly on the machine. By scanning the code, you instantly have access to Quickfit specific workouts and instructional videos created and performed by TRUE Trainers.

Each workout will target all major muscle groups including:

  • Legs
  • Chest and back
  • Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Core
  • Other sports specific areas

In total, there are 18 possible exercises to do with the QuickFit, each outlined by a color-coded procedure label with the beginning and ending positions of each exercise.

The opportunities are endless with the Quickfit and TRUE fitness workouts. Get a complete strength and conditioning workout all at once with the Quickfit PRO SM1050.

The Quickfit PRO SM1050 is available now for purchase.

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