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TRUE Completes Paramount XFW with Final FUSE XL Machines

January 18, 2018

TRUE Fitness is proud to introduce the FUSE-0800 Deltoid Raise, FUSE-1700 Rotary Torso and FUSE-1800 Horizontal Leg Curl as the final pieces that complete the TRUE Paramount Series FUSE XL strength line.

The FUSE XL portfolio is a modern and comprehensive 16-piece strength conditioning system that will provide a well-rounded and user-friendly workout. Each machine was designed to meet the space, budget and performance demands of today’s commercial fitness facilities. 

The FUSE 0800–Deltoid Raise

The Deltoid Raise is the 14th piece in the FUSE XL Strength Line. Key features include:

  • Five position seat using four-bar linkage with gas cylinder assist for stable, low friction adjustments
  • Seat and chest pads angled at five degrees for proper ergonomics and support
  • Dual press arms that operate independently, allowing users to choose from unilateral and bilateral training

If you are looking to get in an intense arm workout, this machine will help you accomplish that. It will target the deltoid muscle, trapezius and supraspinatus which are two main muscles surrounding the shoulder blade.

The Deltoid Raise will be the ideal choice of equipment for users looking to condition and increase strength in their upper body.

The FUSE 1700–Rotary Torso

The Rotary Torso machine joins the Deltoid Raise in the FUSE XL portfolio. Key features include:

  • An 11-point easy adjustment handle to customized range of motion from a seated position
  • Angled hip and thigh pads that eliminates low body torque and encourages spinal alignment
  • Comfortable roller pads and angled grip handles for proper support

This machine is the one to use if you are targeting your core during your workout. Its low seated frame is designed to make getting on and off the piece easy, and its cushioned seat makes it comfortable to sit on and lean into while working out.

While the Rotary Torso primarily targets the obliques, the main exercise is to rotate at the lumbar spine but it also engages your hip flexors and upper-back muscles too. Using the Rotary Torso machine will have your core toned up in no time!

The FUSE 1800–Horizontal Leg Curl

The Horizontal Leg Curl is the final piece in the FUSE XL Strength Line.  Key features of this piece include:

  • Chest and thigh pads angled at 15” for proper alignment during exercise movements
  • Five position ankle pad to accommodate a wide range of users
  • Heavy-duty pivot arm assembly with sealed bearings off-set for easy entry and exit of the machine
  • Ergonomically located handles with contoured grips to provide more support during exercise

Working out with the FUSE 1800 will make your hamstrings burn! It is designed with a 15 degree angle between the chest and thigh pads to help reduce lower back stress while using it. Users can also choose to adjust the resistance during their workout in either 5lb or 7.5lb increments by simply flipping a lever on the machine. Toning your lower legs has never been easier than it will be with the Horizontal Leg Curl.

One Product Line that Trains the Entire Body

Each piece in the FUSE XL Strength features modern styling and precise biomechanics to ensure every user gets a complete workout with every use. Along with the Deltoid Raise and Horizontal Leg Curl, other pieces in the line target major areas like the core, lower back, chest, thighs and more.

All 16 pieces in the FUSE XL portfolio have a step-by-step exercise chart with easy to follow user instructions directly on the machine. They also all have a QR code to scan that links to online instructional videos for each piece of equipment, created by TRUE Trainers.

Additionally, all FUSE XL Strength equipment features an integrated towel holder and accessory tray with a cup holder so users have a convenient place to put their workout necessities while exercising.

These three pieces will be available in Spring 2018. Meanwhile, check out the rest of the FUSE XL Strength Line by TRUE Fitness.

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