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Treadmill classes: A great motivator

October 23, 2013

Belonging to a corporate gym offers a variety of benefits. It’s convenient, and all of the commercial fitness equipment you need to train successfully is at your disposal. If you’re a runner, you probably alternate between commercial treadmills like the True PS100 Treadmill and taking your exercise outdoors. With the weather getting colder, you’ll probably want to spend more time working out indoors. If you’re looking for a way to mix up your treadmill routine to avoid a fitness plateau or continue to challenge yourself, try a treadmill class. This type of instruction can make you more efficient and improve your form. What’s a treadmill class? A treadmill class is similar to a spinning class. The class will include a warm-up to prepare the body, muscles and mind for the physical excursion ahead. For the bulk of the class, the instructor will lead participants through a series of runs, sprints, walks and various challenges to keep their heart rate up and provide them with a tough cardio workout. “Exercise is not supposed to be comfortable,” Melanie Douglass, a Utah-based dietitian and trainer, told Reuters. “You have to challenge your body.” The great thing about participating in a treadmill class is that you will never experience the same workout twice. This can help to avoid exercise boredom, and it can be something to look forward to because you won’t know exactly what you’ll be doing every time. Being a part of a class is also an excellent way to stay motivated. The instructor  and other classmates helps to keep you accountable. The instructor can also offer various training options you may not have known about, and as a fitness professional, they can answer questions you may have about treadmill training or make any necessary corrections. Becoming a better runner Taking a treadmill class on corporate treadmills can make you a better runner overall. You’ll learn new techniques for running more efficiently as well as how to stay energized, breathe more efficiently and move faster. When you’re on your own on the treadmill, you’ll be able to remember what your instructor taught you and can more easily recognize if your form is incorrect or you need to make an adjustment. Whether you run for fun or to train for races, you’re sure to see a comprehensive improvement in your time and ability.