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Training on TRUE’s CS400 Treadmill

September 28, 2016

TRUE Fitness is dedicated to providing premium fitness equipment for all users. On TRUE’s CS400 treadmill, many workouts can be completed. This workout was designed by TRUE’s own personal trainers, Collyn and Jamie. We dug a little deeper into the details of this workout for you to get the best results when working out on this treadmill and others from TRUE Fitness:

Who is this workout designed for?

Collyn: “Really, it’s ideal for really anyone, but [especially] someone who has coordination and balance. Certain people can’t just jump on a treadmill to do lunges or crabwalks. [It’s for] people looking to do cardio in a different way—it’s a HIIT workout, so your heart rate constantly increasing and decreasing. When looking to do different cardio besides running or walking (low intensity, consistent cardio), it’s a high-fat burning workout, proven to be the best way to burn fat.”

How long should the workout last, and how many times should someone repeat a workout?

Collyn: “It depends on the person. Typically, they would do it two times if not as conditioned who exercises regularly (someone at the beginner level). [Any] HIIT should be at least 12 minutes long. Expert level should be repeated four times because you need more intensity in a workout to match your level. Rest 20-30 seconds in between each workout then repeat. Beginners should go 1, maybe 2 times to push harder. It’s quick! The workouts are so short!”

Are there any modifications to make the workout easier?

Jamie: “If you are a beginner, don’t do the crabwalks and lunges. Jump on, run, and fast walk. Jump off to do side-to-side crabwalks and walking lunges for safety. Stop machine completely do the same thing and get back on to remain safe while working out.”

Are there any modifications to make the workout more difficult?

Collyn: “Increase times. I don’t recommend increasing speed. You need to focus on stability and coordination. [Train] for longer periods of time.”

Tips for Proper Form:

When working out on the CS400, there are several ways you can maximize your workout by incorporating other exercises. Here are our trainers’ favorite workouts:

Crab Walks

When crab walking, it’s important to keep your chest up, back tight, and push your knees up to use your glutes and the outsides of your legs. Breathe in on the way down and breathe out on the way back up.


For lunges, keep your chest up, open your shoulders, and lift your chin. Have your toes slightly pointed out and knees pointed towards your toes to engage more muscles on the outside of your legs in squat position. Breathe in on the way down and breathe out on the way back up.

Running & Walking

Collyn: “Whenever you run, it’s important to take smaller steps and land light. Pick your feet up higher in the back. No stomping. Land lighter on balls of your feet.”

Jamie: “Constantly propel yourself forward to make sure that your momentum is always going forward rather than move up and down (which most people do by mistake). When you take bigger strides, it makes the impact harder, your body wants to land harder and that causes shin splints. Control your breath, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, even though heart rate is elevated you can still control breathing patterns. It takes practice, but it is definitely possible.”

Check Out These Techniques in the Video

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