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Training Shoulders on TRUE’s Functional Trainer

October 31, 2016

In addition to TRUE’s lines of industry-leading cardio equipment, TRUE Fitness is dedicated to providing a well-rounded fitness experience for all users. With TRUE’s Functional Trainer, multiple muscle groups become toned and strengthened through a variety of customizable workouts on one machine.

This isolated shoulder workout was designed by TRUE’s own personal trainers. Here, all of your functional trainer questions will be answered by TRUE Trainer, Jamie.

What is This Workout Meant to Accomplish?

“[Functional trainers are designed to help] build muscle in your shoulders. The rep range (amount of reps per motion) is good for building size in your shoulder muscle. A 10-12 rep range is good for building size, 15-18 [reps] is usually meant more for building endurance”

Who Should be Doing This Workout?

“All individuals [can do this functional trainer workout]; beginner and elite. [This workout] can be used for any level of fitness, but be sure to adjust the weight appropriately to accommodate a set of 12. At least two reps should be extremely challenging, like a 9 or a 10 on a 10 point scale.”

How Often Should Someone Train?

“Do the workout about two times a week about three days apart. As you get stronger, simply add more weight or more reps.”

What Should This Workout be Paired With?

“Pair shoulder workout with chest workouts of about the same level. As a fully rounded workout, shoulders and core or shoulders and cardio would be a good pair. This video is not a full shoulder workout. Shoulder workouts should usually be about 8 movements of three sets of 12. Combining those movements [in the video] with three sets of 12 in a chest workout would also be a good pairing.”

Trainer Tips:

“Beware elevating [your] shoulders close to your ears. Your shoulders should be level during this workout. As always, try to have a source of carbs before and after each strength session. For those at expert level, be sure to have a source of protein for your workout.”

Check Out These Techniques in the Video

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