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Top 3 Neglected Areas to Focus on With Your Clients

January 18, 2016

When working with clients on their fitness routines, there are some areas of the body that can accidentally get overlooked. As a result, your client could end up with a less than ideal fitness result. To assure that this situation does not happen with you and your client, check out these areas you shouldn’t neglect when training your client.

Prevent Muscular Imbalance with Back Exercises

It is very common for individuals to focus more on the development of their chest muscles rather than their back muscles. Most likely because it is easy to see and notice when your chest needs improvement versus your back muscles. But neglecting your back can actually harm a client’s body. Underdeveloped back muscles combined with developed chest muscles can lead individuals to have poor posture and muscular imbalances. To ensure that your client is getting the proper attention on their back muscles, try adding in exercises such as:

  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-downs

Adjust the amount and frequency of these exercises depending on how developed your client would like their back muscles to be and to prevent muscular imbalances.

Strengthen Grip by Exercising Forearms

The second most common body part that people tend to neglect is the forearm. Much like the back, forearms tend to get overlooked because people tend to focus on the improvement of their biceps and triceps first, which can have more impressive looking results. However, not paying attention to the muscles in your client’s forearm can restrict your client’s ability to grip, which can cause them problems both inside the gym and out. For example, they can have trouble lifting heavy objects and opening things. To give your client’s forearms the attention they need, incorporate exercises such as:

  • Seated wrist hammer curls
  • Finger curls
  • Seated reverse wrist curls

Stabilize the Body by Strengthening Calves

The third most commonly neglected body parts are the calves. We use these leg muscles every day for any activity that requires the use of our legs. These muscles require a bit more attention and a heavier workload in order to have visible improvements. To prevent calf weakness in your clients, incorporate exercises like:

Strengthening your calves will help prevent injury while running as well as stabilizing your ankles and feet, and by extension, your whole body. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal of strong calves!

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