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Tips for Trainers: Using Social Media to Connect with New Clients

April 10, 2017

Connecting with new clients is vital if you hope to keep them, and how you connect is ever-changing. In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, social media is an excellent way to reach out to and stay in touch with your fitness clients. Here are the more popular platforms and how you can use them to stay in touch:

Use Facebook & Twitter to Provide Motivation

Many trainers connect with clients and develop a personal professional relationship directly via sites like Facebook and Twitter. Groups, pages, and group chats can connect clients with one another on Facebook, as well as provide a source of motivation for many clients at once. With everyone sharing similar goals, everyone is helping provide sources of motivation for each other.

Use Twitter to share short posts, images, and YouTube videos to a wide audience, which provides them with a daily dose of inspiration. Remember to create your own unique hashtag so you can give clients an easy way to find your posts and interact with you. Once you’ve picked one out, research it to make sure it isn’t being used for something you don’t want your brand associated with. You can even use Twitter to host fitness Q&A sessions.

Use Instagram & Snapchat to Track Milestones

With the use of videos, galleries, and stories, Instagram can help trainers provide clients a platform to track their progress as they train. On this site, PR’s, transformations and other fitness milestones can be easily showcased and shared with your own hashtags. In addition, a Snapchat account is an easy way for trainers to connect with clients on a casual level with live photo messages. This can be an excellent way to keep clients updated with day-to-day activities as a model for healthy living.

Use Reddit to Create Communities

Lesser-known platforms like Reddit can also help trainers grow and maintain business. In the short form, Reddit allows users to discuss and vote on content submitted by other users. Sub-Reddits (sub-communities within Reddit) bring people together who share similar interests. Trainers who are on Reddit should engage with users, not give them a message. Have a discussion with clients or potential clients in that trainer’s sub-Reddit to discuss different topics of exercise, healthy diet or general wellbeing.

Use a Blog to Give Advice

Sometimes, a good old fashioned blog will work wonders for providing advice and tips to your clients. Offer insight on numerous topics and encourage clients to follow your blog. This can help when a trainer is unable to provide a client with direct advice. The great part about a blog is that it can be shared on other social media platforms as well, expanding the reach of the blog well past the direct readers.

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