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Tips for Trainers: Strength Routines that Keep Your Clients Coming Back

November 16, 2016

It is said that a trainer is only as strong as their weakest client, but we believe that a personal trainer is only as strong as their client retention rate. Trainers are often pushed to acquire new clients, which is normal, but if clients aren’t interested in or prepared for the strength routine, they will not return.. Here are some common mistakes personal trainers make with strength routines, causing members to leave:

Take the Client’s Current Strength Levels into Consideration

Before developing a strength routine, personal trainers need to assess their client’s current fitness levels. Designing a workout that’s too easy will make the client to lose interest. A workout that’s too difficult risks the trainer accidentally injuring the client or losing them out of frustration. Look around your gym and assess the commercial strength equipment in your arsenal and consider which machines would best help your client.

Keep Strength Workouts Challenging, Not Confusing

Clients are smart and will be able to tell when a workout just doesn’t add up. So listen and respond. For example, the trainer emphasizes lowering time one day, while letting the client cheat the next. Clients will become confused and not know what to expect next. Set a good example by keeping the strength routine and rules consistent, but allow for flexibility when their needs change.

Accurately Track Your Client’s Progression

Personal trainers will sometimes need to modify workouts on the fly, either because they discover it isn’t for the client or it needs to be more challenging. When personal trainers aren’t flexible, clients won’t see progress, which will cause them to become frustrated and leave. Progression plans should be laid out only as a guideline, not a strict set of rules. In doing so, the client will have a flexible routine and a good relationship with their personal trainer.

By following these steps, personal trainers will avoid overtraining their clients or providing them with a boring fitness routine. They will also maintain a good relationship with clients by communicating with them and providing them excellent training through the right strength equipment.

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